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Judge, Jury & Abuser


The police have search dogs going through the coffee beans in the storage room at the Stowaway. There's nothing there, so Nate smarmily offers to grind up some coffee for everyone. The detective's not too happy about being teased and frankly, he's just doing his job.

Nolan enters his office after hours to find Marco with an exact replica of the expensive sushi dinner they didn't get to enjoy on Thanksgiving all those years ago. Nolan's not hearing all this reconciliation business because Marco knew him better than anyone else back then and still believed that he could aid a terrorist and deny a young girl her inheritance. On top of that, Nolan's now happy with someone else. Where is Padma? Marco insists that Nolan's what he wants and he will wait. He walks up to Nolan and hands over a small flash drive, saying it's the most powerful coding he's ever seen. Nolan instantly recognizes what he's talking about. "Carrion?" he asks. Marco found this program Nolan wrote while cleaning up files earlier and Nolan reacts like it's the plague. "It's cyber-plutonium!" Nolan declares, further adding to the mystique of this program by reminding Marco that he abandoned that project because of the damage it could do. Marco suggests it could maybe be used against Nolan's enemies... like Grayson Global. Before leaving, he makes it clear to Nolan that he's in his corner.

It's Patricia's Liberty Project Benefit dinner. Victoria and Conrad get the news from Robert that Patricia's feeling under the weather tonight, so Conrad will be without an introduction for his speech. Upstairs, Emanda finds Daniel loitering around with a drink. He's surprised they let her in after the fireworks at dinner the night before. That sort of thing gets overlooked when you're a platinum-level donor. Daniel does some more kissing up to the object of his affection, refusing her apology for dinner, and instead saying that it reminded him of how passionate she can be. Just then Patricia walks by, so Emanda excuses herself under the guise of going to apologize.

In The Amanda, Charlotte's trying to be domestic for Declan, frying up some pancakes. "You love breakfast for dinner! What's wrong?" she glows. Dec teases her back, "Nothing... it's just going to suck when you burn this boat down." Oh, you greasy teenager you. Charlotte turns back to Dec and kisses him. And it's actually a really cute scene... until police dogs and spotlights interrupt.

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