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Unfinished Business
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You guys ready to get some revenge? Let's do this. We zoom out from an extreme close-up of Emanda's eye to her blank face. Ems voice-over: "In every life there comes a day of reckoning, a time when unsettled scores demand their retribution, and our own lies and transgressions are finally laid bare." Suddenly, Emanda begins screaming Daniel's name. He comes rushing down the stairs at Casa Emily in a panic to find Ems in hysterics and the living room disheveled. A man broke in and ran by her carrying something she couldn't see, Ems tells Dan. He notices his briefcase on the floor and checks it immediately. When he sees it's empty, he rushes straight for the front door to lock it, and asks Emanda what she can tell him about the guy. She describes the White-Haired Man to a T, saying she'll call the police. Daniel insists they handle this privately with Conrad's security team. He tells Emanda to pack up so they can go stay safely in Manhattan. Ems holds back a smile when Daniel goes upstairs. The ruse has fooled young Grayson.

Grayson Global. In Conrad's office, Daniel reports to his father the break-in. Conrad reveals this isn't the first time WHM has been in Casa Emily. He shows Dan the surveillance video that was sent to him of Ems and Daniel sleeping, explaining it was a threat he countered foolishly. It allowed WHM to get his hands on Conrad's stash of evidence, which was his only leverage against WHM and his superiors. Conrad makes a phone call to his security team to run a full sweep of Grayson Manor. He reiterates to Daniel that without the evidence he's a dead man.

Close-up on that evidence. Emanda sorts through it with latex gloves. She finds a small hard drive labeled "Americon" and plugs it into her laptop. It asks for a password. You know who's good at cracking passwords? Nolan. Say... where is that guy? Ems calls him and gets his voicemail, leaving a huffy a message for him to turn on his phone because she needs him.

Stowaway. Jack opens up the cash register at the bar, finding the $1 million check from Daniel. He stares at it thoughtfully. Don't you have a safe, buddy? Meanwhile, Ems strolls outside the Fortress of Solitude when her phone rings with a call from thoughtful Jack. She ignores the call, so he leaves her a message saying he thinks they should probably talk about last night. Probably. There's a beautiful upward angle shot here of Emanda entering Nolan's front door with a clear blue sky visible through the glass door and walls. She call out to Nolan and receives only eerie silence in response, noticing Nolan's open laptop sitting on the coffee table. On the screen is a video feed focused on a sign which reads "Call my cell or I die." Ems does as she's told, and the sign instantly falls away as WHM pulls a steel chair out from under it, answers Nolan's phone and hunches down to look into the live feed camera. Emanda tells him she's the one he wants, not Nolan. "Who are you?" WHM asks. Emanda: "Amanda Clarke. You murdered my father. You and I have unfinished business." Rather than tease Emanda for combining The Princess Bride and Kill Bill references, WHM readily accepts Emanda's challenge. "Then by all means, let's finish it. How would you like to do this?" he coolly responds. Emanda: "Face-to-face."

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