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Unfinished Business

Roaring rampage 3-D title card and commercials

Grayson Manor. Conrad storms in the front door, leading in two security agents. Immediately, Victoria protests, demanding they all leave. Does she need to call the police on Conrad? "No, what you need to do is shut up and sit down," Conrad roars. Conrad roars? Where did that come from? "Thanks to a lethal combination of your vitriol and your incompetence, the evidence you stole from me is now in the hands of our most powerful adversary," Conrad adds. Security agents report they've found wire taps in the house. It's all the fuel Conrad needs to blame his wife for allowing their enemies to listen in on them for who knows how long. He hopes Victoria enjoyed whatever it is she gained from reporting him to the S.E.C. while overlooking the danger she put her family in. "Stupid, stupid woman," Conrad throws over his shoulder as he walks out. (Goodness, Henry Czerny has really brought it the second half of this season.)

Casa Emily. Daniel rummages through the bookshelf facing his and Emanda's bed from the angle the surveillance video was shot. He finds the book with the hidden camera and calls Emanda to tell her he thinks they should get to Manhattan tonight. She lies and says she's meeting with someone already to have the cottage winterized, but instead she's staring out of her car at WHM as he arrives. Daniel tells her to be careful before they hang up. How unwittingly appropriate.

WHM hops out of his unmarked brown van (creeeeeper) and walks around to the back of it. Emanda gets out of her vehicle and silently follows. When she reaches WHM, he pulls a gun on her and orders her up against the van for a pat down. WHM: "No wire, no phone, no weapon. This is a very dangerous game you're playing. And for what... payback for your father?" Emanda responds that she has evidence in her possession that implicates him and his friends at the Initiative. She demands he take her to Nolan. WHM cordially opens the back of the van and hands her a bottle of chloroform, citing the need for secrecy. He says if she refuses, Nolan dies.

Now... I may not be the smartest man in the world, but I don't think I would willingly knock myself unconscious after I just threatened an armed man with evidence that would destroy him and his employers. What's to stop him from dumping me in a harbor with cement shoes, assuming no one else knows about the evidence? But that's just me, and I am not Emanda because she pours some chloroform into a handkerchief and huffs until WHM's face goes blurry.

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