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Unfinished Business

FLASHBACK: Little Amanda and David unpack boxes at the beach house. Amanda is distraught because she forgot to pack her mother's photo when she hears a loud noise. She walks outside to find an injured bird. /FLASHBACK.

Emanda wakes up chained against a wall next to a bloodied Nolan. "Good morning, sunshine. If you came here to rescue me, you might want a do-over," he weakly quips. WHM enters the room carrying a case. He tells Emanda he'd rather she tell him where Conrad's evidence is now that way he won't have to go on a wild goose chase... or kill Nolan. He unwraps his case to reveal torture instruments. Emanda says Nolan doesn't concern her. Nolan: "Gee, don't sugarcoat it, Ems." In that case, WHM decides he'll just take a scalpel to Nolan's neck. Emanda stops him and rattles off an address where the evidence is mostly likely not located. What's to stop WHM from killing them both now? Ems says she could be lying, plus she's alerted the authorities. She'd tell him how much time he has but the chronometrophiliac stole her watch. WHM checks her watch and finds a lockpick and sees that it is now 2:30. He has one hour, Ems notes. WHM sees the inscription on the inside of the watch from Victoria to David, and taunts Emanda that her father didn't know what hit him. Emanda: "Tick tock." WHM heads over to Emanda's keys, grabs the key to the safety deposit box Emanda described and walks out. Ems watches him leave on his security video monitor, worried.


Nolan asks Batgirl AKA Emanda what the plan is. Ems uses her teeth to pull a pick from her sleeve. She frees herself for her handcuffs, then Nolan. He guffaws, "I'm not worthy." Emanda is already all business. She orders Nolan to get the evidence to Agent McGowen; she's going after WHM. Nolan insists he's not leaving her. "You are way outmatched by that crazy albino!" he scolds. Emanda responds that this will have all been for nothing if the evidence doesn't reach McGowen. Nolan owes her this. Nolan: "Kick his ass." He grabs Ems in a hug. She starts to walk off and stops. "Nolan, if I don't make it out of this, tell Jack I love him."

Collins Prep. Yonkers and Dec walk together. She's throwing out ideas for excuses since they didn't finish that damn economics (I refuse to say "econ") project. Sick grandma? Computer crash? Dec takes comfort in the fact they'll fail together. Charlotte walks up to them and cheerfully recommends they appeal to their teacher's Seasonal Affective Disorder to drum up his sympathy. The teachers are all push-overs, Charlotte adds -- probably way different than public school in Yonkers. Jaime (she has a name!) corrects Charlotte that she actually attended private school. Take that, pill head! Jaime walks off, leaving Dec alone with his ex. He thanks her incredulously for her kindness. With her fake grin still plastered on her face, she says she's happy for Dec and Jaime and walks off, leaving Dec confused and greasy.

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