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Unfinished Business

Dan walks briskly through Grayson Global on his phone, saying he needs all passcodes changed. They're in full lockdown. Jack appears behind him and hands over the million dollar check because he'd decided he wants to live debt-free. He tells Dan to have a nice day and walks off. Ashley notices Jack and asks Daniel why he's there. When Dan explains that Jack declined $1 million, she says she wouldn't be so quick to dub Jack a saint. You don't say, unnecessary girl. Dan tries to wring out the dirt from Ashley by saying he thought he could trust her. She's about to spill.

Charlotte looks for her mother at Grayson Manor. When she sees that she's not around, she heads into the study and straight for Victoria's Rolodex. She finds the contact card for Dan Jenkins of Jenkins Investigations. She calls the number, posing as Victoria (complete with a haughty voice) and asking for an investigation of Jamie, supposedly because she's been bullying Charlotte. I learned it from watching you, mom!

At Conrad's penthouse, he cracks open a briefcase full of cash while Lydia looks on. He says safety waits at the Cayman Islands. Things are too dangerous here right now and he needs to plan his next move. Lydia assumes Victoria sold them out. "Yeah, that harpy's toxic crusade has aroused the Interest of a far more dangerous adversary than our government." That Conrad guy has a way with words, doesn't he? He walks up to Lydia and pulls out a ring box, opening it to reveal a huge diamond. Conrad offers it as a promise that he'll always look out for Lydia's safety as long as they're together. All he asks for in return is reciprocation. Lydia kisses him and says yes.

McGowen heads out to his car when his phone goes off with a text. "The evidence is in your trunk," it reads anonymously. He opens his trunk and finds the evidence case, then looks around the busy street for clues of where it came from. Nolan watches from around the corner. Having seen verification that McGowen has received the package, he drops his phone and stomps it to pieces. Damn rich... always flaunting their excess.

Emanda sits somewhat nervously, waiting for WHM to return. She stares at his surveillance monitor until she sees him enter. He finds Ems sitting unbound and holding his large steel ax from his arsenal of torture devices. WHM commends her on being not unlike himself, and adds that he and the Initiative intended to frame Conrad, not David. Emanda says she's not interested in them framing her father; she's interested in how he was killed. She spins and swings the ax at WHM, barely missing. She hacks and gets the ax stuck in a fire extinguisher, giving WHM enough time to roll away. Ems runs off, and he grabs his scalpel. WHM stalks through his dark torture lab, and is surprised by a kick from Emanda. She manages to disarm him, but WHM slams her up against the wall in a chokehold. He taunts her that she must've gotten her fighting skills from her mother. That gives Emanda the adrenaline to free herself from his grasp. They exchange blows until they wrestle to the ground. Ems finds herself on top of WHM, wailing on him just enough to buy some time so she can crawl away to pick up the ax. She hits him in the face with the butt, crawls on top of him and begins to press the ax's handle against his neck. "Look at me. I want to be the last thing you see before you die."

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