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Unfinished Business

FLASHBACK: David has taken Amanda to the beach to set the injured bird free. She rejoices at the bird emerging from a shoebox and flying away like brand new. David to his daughter: "You know what I love about you most? It's the way you love absolutely everything and absolutely everyone. You promise me that you're never gonna lose that." /FLASHBACK.

Emanda relents. WHM: "I thought you came here to honor your father." Ems: "I just did." She walks out, leaving WHM sprawled on the floor. WHAT?! But... Revenge. That was... The name of the show is... GODDAMN BIRD!


Outside a government building at night McGowen walks with Victoria. He thanks her for the evidence, saying it's encyclopedic. Victoria says she can't take the credit for relaying the evidence to him; she believes it was her son who did that. This is a big victory, but they've suffered the setback that Lydia has recanted her statement. Victoria says she can fix that. Still, McGowen believes they have enough evidence to charge for contracting murder. Victoria's confused. McGowen reveals to her that Conrad didn't just conspire to have David framed for the terrorist attack, he also contracted David's murder. Victoria's face absorbs this revelation for, like, twenty minutes. It really swishes around in the Botox.

Ems comes home late, prompting Daniel to ask where she's been. He's passive aggressively confrontational. Before Emanda can walk away, he asks the real questions. Did Jack come by yesterday? Yes. Did she kiss him? ...Yes. Dan's shaken. He asks what the whole point was these last few months if she wanted Jack all along, and accuses her of using him to try and get the Grayson name. Emanda responds she wanted him despite the Grayson name. She's not really the person he fell in love with, she says, and she's watched him become the thing he said he never wanted to be -- a Grayson. She hands over her ring. Dan's eyes well up and he says goodbye with finality before walking out.

Grayson Global. WHM pours himself a drink in Conrad's office. Speaking like a man who wasn't just granted mercy and doesn't have a face all shades of purple, he relays what he knows to Conrad. Agent McGowen has the evidence and he's planning to go to Washington tonight with Victoria -- his star witness. Lydia has also been granted immunity to testify. Conrad figures WHM isn't there to gloat since he'll be implicated, too, and WHM assures him that if he were there to kill Conrad, he'd already be dead. Emanda watches this conversation from her laptop while Conrad wonders why his future daughter-in-law would claim to have seen WHM if she really didn't. All WHM knows is that if he really wanted to keep an eye on Conrad, he could do so any number of ways without being detected. He says this as he picks up the framed photo of Emanda and Daniel with the hidden camera in it, subtly winking directly at it to let Emanda know he's aware she's watching. Vlah! He suggests that Conrad follow through on his plan to leave the country. As for him, he's already planning on heading straight for the airport.

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