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Unfinished Business


Dan picks up a bottle of liquor in the pool house. Ashley enters and apologizes for how things turned out with Emanda. Dan invites her to have a drink with him, thanking her for having his back. And thus begins the courtship between Dopey and Unnecessary.

In her bedroom, Charlotte looks over the article about Jaime on her laptop. Victoria knocks and enters. She tells her daughter she's heading for Washington. Charlotte obviously has something else on her mind, and she lets it loose. She asks if retribution has ever made Victoria feel good about herself. That's like asking if Wimpy likes hamburgers. Yes, if the other party deserved it, Victoria responds. If not then you forgive yourself and move on. Victoria tells her she's always a phone call away and leaves. It's about time these two consistently bond. Nothing can break that bond. Nothing.

Downstairs, Victoria goes to answer the door, thinking it'll be Lydia. She's surprised to see it's Conrad. She tries to slam the door on him, but he barges in. He knows he's exhausted all good will she has toward him, but he implores her to think of their children before she testifies. Conrad's in no place to recommend morals to her, especially now she's aware he had David murdered. Conrad's final gambit is a warning. "If you board that plane, it'll be the last thing you do." Victoria: "Then I'll see you in Hell." She walks out.

Ems stares at the infinity X infinity box in front of her fire place in a melancholy trance. She gets a phone call from Nolan. He asks if her and Jack are on their way to get married. She weakly says she didn't tell him because Amily's back and she's pregnant. Nolan: "O.M.G." He wipes away a tear, sniffles and regains his composure. "Alright, um... look, just stay right where you are, and do not do anything revenge-y until I get there." <3 Nolan. Emanda remains staring straight ahead, dead inside.

Our final montage. Florence + the Machine's "Seven Devils" begins to play. In slow-motion, Lydia and Victoria exit their vehicles and are greeted by Agent McGowen before boarding their private jet. Victoria pauses briefly at the foot of the boarding stairs and looks up, obviously remembering Conrad's final words to her. She disregards it and presses on. We see workers prepping the plane for takeoff. One removes the blocks from the landing gear and removes his beanie to reveal a shock of white hair. Cut to Conrad tossing a photo of Lydia and Victoria onto the fireplace at Grayson Manor and taking a drink. At the Stowaway, Jack rubs Amily's belly as she sleeps. He takes a deep sigh. Charlotte's hand caresses Declan on her laptop screen as it plays the video they shot on their boating date. She stops when she overhears a breaking news report on her TV that a plane leaving the Hamptons has crashed. Charlotte jumps out of bed and slowly sidles toward the TV in disbelief as the correspondent reports: "The government chartered twin-engine jet exploded shortly after takeoff at approximately 8:15 this evening. Onboard were two witnesses bound for an unspecified hearing in Washington D.C. We now have confirmation from the passenger manifest that one of the witnesses on that flight was Victoria Grayson, the matriarch of the embattled billionaire Grayson family." Charlotte involuntarily lurches like she's going to throw up and slaps her hand to her mouth. Declan's phone rings with a call from her. He ignores it. Charlotte leaves a voicemail in hysterics. Declan answers her next call without letting her say a word just to tell her never to call back again. The TV news broadcast continues, and Emanda watches from her couch in shock. Pills fall to the floor as Charlotte's lifeless body collapses on her bed. A drunken Conrad casually opens her bedroom door and has a delayed reaction to the scene. He rushes to his daughter's side and tries to shake her conscious, then gives up and clutches her to his chest.

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