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The Silver Linings Playbook
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Now that Emily is getting close to actually realizing her plan on Revenge, it’s time for her to fall behind for various extraneous reasons. That should be fine, because when the episode opens, Emily is finally realizing soon, she’ll never see her sister or Nolan again. She needs some set-backs so she has time to process everything, even though Aidan tells her she’ll be okay because he thinks his abs are enough to sustain her for a lifetime of exile.

Over at the Manor, Victoria’s self-inflicted exile is being taken off the table. When she tells Conrad, yet again, that she plans to leave, he threatens to send a team of P.I.s after Patrick for some unknown sinister purpose. After all, he’s hired a PR specialist to fix the Grayson image and lord knows that once a Grayson hires someone, they never disappear by the end of the episode. Still, Victoria seems to be put in check for now.

Cut to our introduction to PR wizard Ms. Bizzy Preston (guest star Ana Ortiz) who’s not-so subtly named for her busybody-ing around the greater New York area. She waltzes into the Manor with an affected tone and praises Charlotte for "slumming it in Montauk," but throws a civilized fit over Emily and Daniel not being more public about their engagement. Emily says they’re not a showy couple, but Bizzy knows Emily’s the one shrouded in secrecy – to be fair, she does hit that nail on the head with that one. Her plan? To make Victoria and Emily look like the best of friends; first, they’ll pal around at Victoria’s big Independence Day party and then, the duo will go on a rigorous good will press tour. Neither party is thrilled because, oh yes, they hate each other about as much as two people who’ve ruined each other’s lives would.

But for now, Emily is focused on Bizzy. If she gets her wish and Emily and Victoria appear to be besties in the media, it will be pretty hard for Emily to frame Victoria for murdering her. That’s a pretty lame reason for sabotage, so luckily, this week, Nolan takes over. He’s got a much bigger beef: a few years back, Nolan was involved with a very un-single pop star, and as her PR whiz, Bizzy released the news that it couldn’t be true because Nolan is gay. (He’s bi, but that didn’t seem to be worth mentioning). Either way, the major fallout was that the news hit just as Nolan was repairing his relationship with his aging father. When Papa heard he was gay, he reneged and the two never made up before Nolan’s father died. Now that is a reason for sabotage. Nolan decides to use what he’s learned from Emily to take Bizzy down, but Emily decides to leak her fake first marriage to Bizzy so that the gossip can slip the knowledge to Victoria for some unknown reason. Useful, Ems. Really useful.

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