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From Beyond the Grave
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INXS' "Never Tear Us Apart" sets the mood. We drop down from a slanted crane shot to a station wagon in sepia transit with Little Amanda in the passenger seat. If this opening were laced with any more nostalgia, it'd be a fully functioning time machine. Emanda voice-over: "For those who believe in resurrection, death is inconsequential. It is not an ending, but rather a new beginning... a second chance. A reunion." Little Amanda watches her mother sing along off-key for a bit and then suddenly grows serious. She remembers her dad saying her mom's sick and she wants to talk about it. Mom's better now that she's with Little Amanda, she says. Dad's not around because they're on vacation. Ems VO continued: "...But the very idea of resurrection is so seductive a concept, it's easy to forget... before you can rise from the dead..." Kara's face morphs into Victoria's to finish the thought: " have to spend a few days in Hell." Little Amanda screams. /DREAM.

Emanda awakes on her couch with a concerned Nolan trying to wake her from her nightmare. She naturally reaches for his throat by instinct. Nolan suggests Ems not fall asleep watching horror movies, by which he means surveillance video of Victoria. Also, it's probably not a good idea to nap out in the open where the "White-Haired Mannibal Lector" can easily attack. Emanda has a hunch that he's not going to kill her, and that Victoria is lying about her ties to the government. Somehow, Charlotte is part of Victoria's plan, she thinks. Nolan reminds Ems that Charlie's locked away in "Dr. Doom's sober house." Man... Nolan is really pushing it this morning. Charlotte won't be there for long, Ems says before getting up to leave.

Grayson Manor. We get a gratuitous, lingering trail shot of Ashley's butt in a tennis skirt as she enters Daniel's office. She invites him out for a tennis match, but Daniel's poring over documents for a quarterly report that's due out this afternoon. He's concerned because the company's assets don't match its inflated earnings. It's likely his father is up to no good. At this suggestion, Ash suddenly gets overly seductive about her invitation for a tennis match. She stops just short of offering to show him her forehand. Lucky for Dan (and us), his phone rings with a call from Emanda. He asks Ash for some privacy to take it. Ems immediately starts in with her overly concerned yet naive tone. She says that Charlotte whispered to her at the Memorial Day auction that she was afraid of her doctor, so she investigated Dr. Thomas. Ems mentions the blemishes on his background check and suggests that maybe Charlotte's test results were faked, instantly triggering Dan's "Oh shit" face. He immediately brings up a Google knock-off to see what he can find on Dr. Thomas, while asking Ems to send him all the info she found on him. Daniel thanks Emanda and they hang up. The phone conversation ended with Ems lingering out on her front porch. We cut to a monocular view of someone spying on her. It's Apprentice Man, learning the ropes of proper surveillance.

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