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From Beyond the Grave

Ems comes downstairs at Casa Emily, where Nolan has just finished his conference call. "I don't think my employees have any respect for me," he says. "Why would they? You're not wearing pants," Ems retorts. We see that Nolan is, in fact, in his boxers with his waist perfectly at kitchen counter level. Laugh track. Nolan has no shame because he once did an interview with Katie Couric butt naked from his jacuzzi. Emanda lets this sink in for a minute and asks Nolan how house hunting is coming along. Louder laugh track. As much as Ems would love to stick around and be shticky, she has to go break Charlotte out of rehab. She asks Nolan to keep an eye on Victoria while she's gone. As Emanda is walking out of the house, Amily shows up to ask what she said to Jack since she's sure it's why he asked for a paternity test. Ams admits that she had a one-night stand, but thinks the baby could still be Jack's. She asks for Emanda's blessing if the results prove Jack's the father, and for Ems to stop undermining the possibility that Jack could love Amily back. Ems agrees, and asks to know what lab Amily is using so she can ensure the results, but she also needs a favor.

Conrad sits across from a lawyer in his office at Grayson Global. He says it's unfortunate it's come to this, but his daughter has grown self-destructive and forced his hand. The lawyer passes along condolences from the judge and Conrad has the nerve to compare himself to Job... you know, from the Bible. Conrad signs the contract that grants him control over Charlotte's inheritance. Ashley enters the office as the lawyer leaves. She's met with questions about Daniel. All she can offer up is that she tried to distract Dan from his findings about the company's finances, but it didn't work. Conrad orders her to keep Dan away from their investors meeting. Conrad: "Where is he now?"

Cut to Dan barging into CHARC. He finds Dr. Thomas and brushes off his friendly invitation to step into his office. Dan says he just got off the phone with his family lawyer and knows that Dr. Thomas testified to Charlotte's mental incompetence. Well... she did kinda act stupid for a while, didn't she? Dr. Thomas insists Charlotte is a sick girl. Daniel: "What's sickening is how far you and my father went to pull this scam. Not that you're a stranger to abuse of power. [Daniel holds up a neatly bound background check he probably had printed at the UPS Store.] Now, whatever he's paying you for your lies, believe me, it won't offset the lawsuit I'll slap on you unless you get on the phone to Judge Morris and recant that evaluation immediately." Dr. Thomas doesn't blink at all before agreeing to make the phone call. Ems watches from around the corner intently.

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