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From Beyond the Grave

Upstairs, Dan tells his sister to pack her things without even saying hi. He explains that their father was trying to get his hands on her inheritance. Charlotte's smile fades when Daniel says he found out too late to do anything about it and tries to get her to leave with him anyway. The timing of this is all sketch to Charlotte. Plus, Daniel did nothing to stop her from being locked up in the first place. Emanda wanders into the room just as Charlotte is telling her brother to get out. Dan mouths, "Thank you" to Ems and leaves. Charlotte asks for a ride to see her mother. Well, that worked out.

Stowaway. Dec has taken it upon himself to mess with those damned pipes. He busts one open and gets sprayed in the face with water as Jack and Amily walk in. Completely innocuously, Jack reminds his brother that he should shut off the water before working with the pipes, but it's enough to set off Dec on a tirade about being forgetful just like Jack's been. He asks where the hell Jack's been. Amily speaks up for him that they were at a baby check-up. Ams gets a text from Emanda to meet ASAP, so she excuses herself. With Amily out of the room, Jack admits to Dec that they just came from getting a paternity test. That gets a bit of a rise out of Dec. He insists that if it turns out Amily lied, this would be a good opportunity for Jack to get their lives back on track. It's sad, but true.

Driving Charlotte to see Victoria, in a shot that somewhat mirrors the opening dream scene, Ems offers to take Charlie home or give her a place to stay. That's nice and all, but Charlie's got plans to leave the country with her mother even though neither of them have any money now. Ems strategically plants the idea that Victoria shouldn't care about the money as long as she has her daughter. Knowing that she won't convince Charlotte to stay with her rather than Victoria, she pulls out her ace in the hole, and says there's something she'd been wanting to tell her. It's better said by Charlotte's sister, though. They arrive at the beach and can see Amily standing with the burden or pregnancy from where they've parked. Charlotte flips at the good news that she's going to be an aunt. She hops out of the car to go give Amily a hug. Emanda watches this from the driver seat, registering some discomfort.


The Queen's Cabin. Victoria opens Charlotte's fake passport and stares longingly. Sometimes, wishing is all you need. There's a knock at the door from Charlotte. They share a heartfelt hug, but the warm feelings don't last very long when Charlotte reveals Conrad took her inheritance. Victoria insists they need that money to survive. Adding to the annoyance, Charlotte says Amanda Clarke's back in town and she's pregnant. Nolan is keeping Emanda updated on the surveillance by phone. Ems asks if Victoria's heart stopped when she heard Amanda's in town. Charlotte opens up her bag to reveal she stole a whole bunch of silver candle holders and such that they should be able to sell to help get by for the time being. The Queen is not impressed. Remember that idea Emanda planted in Charlotte earlier about her mother only caring about having her daughter back? That. Charlie calls out her mother about it. Victoria's unable to express the truth that both their lives are in danger and has to accept the accusation to save her daughter. She slyly hides the envelope with Charlotte's fake passport and, as she holds back tears, agrees that all she's cared about all along is the money. Charlotte calls her mother a monster and leaves. As Charlie leaves the cabin, Nolan notes over the phone how tragic it is that Victoria has push her away to save her. Ems isn't sold that a mother would give up her daughter so easily. Charlotte hops in Ems' car and asks if they can just go.

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