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From Beyond the Grave

Nolan, speaking in a British accent (naturally), as he watches Victoria pace back and forth: "Oh and the poor, lonely panther came to realize she would never return to the jungle from whence she came." Padma interrupts Nolan's awkward alone moment, asking from the open front door if he spends his days watching nature channel videos. She's undergone somewhat of a makeover, shedding the nerdy accounting analyst professional attire and glasses. Nolan doesn't even recognize her now that she's in 3D. Insubordination aside, she insists Nolan needs a CFO. She sent him an email with links to some candidates she thinks they can poach, but Nolan would rather demonstrate his power (and hide that he's been watching surveillance of a woman who's supposedly dead), so he shuts his laptop. Padma offers to show him on her tablet. She wins, but Nolan needs her to turn around so he can put on some pants. Rimshot, laugh track and... scene.

Grayson Global. Conrad gets the investors meeting started by talking about the calculated risks they've taken to get back to all that onward and upward business. Apprentice Man is there sitting on the board. Good for him. Daniel barges in, and demands a word with his father. They go out into the hall together where Dan starts in on his father about how this is the most repulsive thing he's ever done, manipulating a teenage girl. Apprentice Man watches intently from the boardroom. Conrad says what's done is done and if Dan had just trusted him, he wouldn't have had to do what he did. "This is far from over," Dan clich├ęs before walking off. Conrad's phone rings from a blocked number. It's Victoria. Conrad can't believe it. Victoria: "The next few moments are going to be the most important seconds of your miserable life. You're going to do exactly as I say, or I will haunt you all the way to your last pathetic day on earth."


Queen's Cabin. Victoria opens the door to greet Conrad. "So, it's true. Even the devil himself didn't want you," Conrad says with genuine bewilderment. Victoria takes exception to Conrad acting like he didn't try to have her killed. Conrad insists he warned her, and she wouldn't have heeded a more explicit warning anyway. Agree to disagree. Victoria opens up the bag she had Conrad bring from home and dumps out its contents. Handcuffs, leather gloves, a leather paddle... spurs?! Uh... Guys? Victoria: "Hit me." Guys?! Conrad's confused, but Victoria's not backing down from her request. This is his one chance, so he better hit her like a man, Victoria says. "With pleasure," Conrad's face turns to glee and he begins taking off his suit jacket. I feel a little odd admitting this, but the animosity here is actually kinda hot.

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