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From Beyond the Grave

A pretty outdoor dinner setting is where we find Padma and Nolan. She's rattling off CFO candidates. Nolan's not impressed by one that managed a $6 billion company, because that's like a lemonade stand to him. Also, none of these candidates are him. Touché. At her wits end, Padma explains that Nolan shouldn't look at it as losing control, but instead gaining control over someone to do things he doesn't want to do. Power trip. Now you're talking Nolan's language. Obviously, the next thing out of Nolan's mouth is that it should be Padma he hires as CFO. He doesn't want someone with leadership experience; he wants a partner... whom he can control. Don't we all? Nolan breaks it down. She's not leaving until he hires a CFO and he's not leaving until she accepts his offer.

Stowaway upstairs. Jack takes a sip from a beer alone. Ams comes in looking for him, and finds him sitting there with an unopened envelope -- the test results. Amily takes a seat next to Jack and opens it. She does a good job of having a natural reaction when she reads the results that Jack's the father. No Maury jokes here. Almost like he's snapped back to being the old Jack suddenly, he gives a sweet thank you to Amily for even doing this test for him. She'd do anything for him, she says. He'd do anything for her. Good, because she wants him to go get her a popsicle. Cute. While Jack's in the kitchen, Ams calls Emanda, and reports that he just saw the results. She asks Emanda to please say they were real. Ems just says, "Sorry. I wish I could." Amily's heart breaks, but she holds it together, knowing she'll have to hide it from Jack when he comes back in the room with a popsicle. Nobody should ever be sad when they're getting a popsicle.

Dan knocks on Charlotte's bedroom door. She's packing to go stay with Ems, she says defiantly. Dan has another UPS Store book in his hand. Charlotte asks what it is. Daniel went and opened a new trust fund for Charlie that Conrad can't access, and he transferred his inheritance into it for her. He's also giving her full ownership of Grayson Manor and his car. Charlotte's completely sideswiped. She can only muster a, "Why?" Dan says that when she was born, he promised their mother he'd be nice to her, and he wants to keep that promise. Ashley walks by as Dan says he's moving out to the pool house and she interrupts to ask what this is all about. They'll talk about it later, he says. Charlotte says she's going to unpack and they hug it out. Ash's smile instantly wipes off when Dan walks out with her.

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