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From Beyond the Grave

Emanda arrives at Grayson Manor. Charlotte lets her in and asks if the Graysons can trust her with their secrets. Ems sees how important this is to Charlotte, so she asks to speak with Victoria. Dan walks in on Ems offering her further assistance to Victoria at least for the summer. Dan offers to walk Emanda out. He thanks her for being a good friend to the family despite her and Victoria never getting along. Ems: "Well, tragedy has a way of bringing people back together." She suggests Dan go be with his family right now. Just then, her phone rings from blocked caller. WHM: "You have something I need." Emanda takes a look over at the Graysons huddled together in the parlor. "Every frame of it. You know where to find me," Ems says before hanging up and walking out of Grayson Manor.


As Emanda gets home, Nolan defends himself for not being around when Victoria's plan was sprung and it goes something like this: "Ever since you came back, and even before that, it's like you just expect me to be your fashionably dressed, technologically savvy sidekick." And you've done so admirably, Nolan. Ems agrees that he should probably have a life of his own. Nolan thinks he's getting the shaft for Charlotte, but it's the part of the episode where Ems recaps the state of her revenge. Charlie's home with Victoria and she lied to Amily about the baby not being Jack's. "That's dark, even for you," Nolan points out. Ems tells Nolan he can't stay there tonight. She needs the house to herself... for revenge things.

Jack pours a drink at the bar. It's just him and Dec. Jack's ready to give his brother the good news, but Dec already knows the results because Jack left them lying around. Dec genuinely congratulates his brother. Also, he's decided he's the one that's the burden, not Amily. As soon as he can save up some money, he's moving out. Jack doesn't know about the little operation Dec has going with Trey, so he assumes it won't be any time soon. Amily comes downstairs to say they need to turn on the TV. There's a live news report about Victoria being found alive. Ams: "Looks like the bitch is back."

Ems watches her recorded surveillance footage of Conrad hitting Victoria. She pauses it and begins talking to WHM, who we see has been standing on the other side of the room. The video will exonerate him, she says, but she'll only give it to him in exchange for information about her mother. WHM reminisces that Emanda's mother was the only one who could've proven David Clarke's innocence since she was aware of the nature of his relationship with Victoria. FLASHBACK: Victoria signs in as Charlotte Clarke at the hospital. She takes a seat next to Kara, who's restrained with leather straps. Kara: "You stole my husband, you whore." Victoria tries to convince Kara that David was a terrorist, but she's not buying it. WHM is there with Victoria. She introduces him as Federal Agent Gordon Murphy. Victoria explains that he will be arresting David for his role in destroying a jetliner, as he frees Kara from her restraints. Her safety is dependent on whether she'll allow them to help her, Victoria says. Kara complies. EMs VO: "For those who believe in the resurrection, death is inconsequential." /FLASHBACK. Emanda asks if WHM killed her. It was the plan... but he doesn't always follow plans, he says. Emanda still won't know what he did to her though, because he's going to pull a knife and try to slit her throat. Emanda struggles to keep the blade from making the cut. Ems VO continued: "In the resurrection, those that were dead live, and those who live believe they shall never die." Gunshot. WHM goes rigid and falls to the floor, revealing Apprentice Man in the background with gun drawn. He's really making a name for himself, this Apprentice Man.

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