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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

In the kitchen at Casa Emily, Nolan does inconsistent viewers a favor by recapping to Aiden all of the bad things that have happened. Hey! That's my job! Amily's dead, Jack's been shot, Padma's father is being tortured, and the only thing that can end it all is handing over a doom-bringing computer program that's yet to be completed. Nolan: "Why do I get the feeling this isn't what Takeda had in mind when he handed over your revenge degrees?" Oh, Nolan, you're a shining beacon among ruins. Aiden tries to be resolute in the face of all of this adversity, but he only succeeds in patronizing Ems when she overhears the tail end of his advice to Nolan that they run the risk of losing her if they don't give in to her need for revenge. It's the only thing she has left right now, he says. Emanda pretends not to be affected by that statement, standing statuesque on the stairs. She plainly informs them that Jack is out of surgery and that she's headed for the hospital. Ems orders Aiden to continue going after the Initiative (she uncharacteristically stumbles here and pronounces it "Inishyative"). Conrad's bid for governor will vacate his seat on the board at Grayson Global. That's where Aiden should assert himself, she says. Emanda coldly asks Nolan if he's coming with her to the hospital and walks out.

Ems breezes into the ICU full of concern while Dec and Charlie watch nurses care for an unconscious Jack. If the bullet had been two millimeters to the left, it would've gone through his liver, Declan reports. He fills her and Nolan in on what happened to Jack as far as they know, after Ems plays dumb. All that's known is that Nate Ryan and The Amanda are on the bottom of the ocean, and Amily's nowhere to be found. Charlotte excuses herself to go home so she can check on the baby. It's news to Nolan and Ems that Carl is staying at Grayson Manor. When Dec explains that Victoria insisted on it, they both immediately see through that machination, but stay silent until Dec excuses himself to get some coffee. Nolan states the obvious about it being convenient that Victoria would be at the Stowaway last night of all nights as he and Ems look in through Jack's hospital room window. Emanda: "The Graysons are behind all of this. And they're gonna pay."

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Are you ready for a cliché secret meeting with a dark suit-wearing man in a public park? I know I am. Conrad and Victoria find Trask sitting alone in a sort of amphitheater setup of park benches. They take a seat directly behind him because you're not supposed to make eye contact when you're having a secret meeting in public -- or so TV and the movies would have the Graysons believe -- but that makes you look entirely suspicious to normal people who make eye contact. Funny that. The Graysons endure Trask's clenched jaw, affected gruff voice and little boy haircut to plant the seed that Nate Ryan was after financial gain when he went after Amily and Jack. They suggest the computer with all of the evidence against Conrad and the Initiative went down with the ship -- all of this after Amily did away with Helen. I should note that in this meeting, Conrad manages to use his patented pronunciation of "against" (ah'gaynst) twice. Trask doesn't seem entirely convinced that everything should be wrapped up in such a neat little bow, implying before walking away that he will maintain his influence and threat over Daniel. The Graysons are left underwhelmed by their own performance, and decide they must get at Jack Porter now because he's the only one who can refute their story. This is totally going to be like that time you broke the lamp while your parents were out on date night and you had to give your little brother a shit-ton of cookies so he wouldn't rat you out, probably.

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