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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

Wheeling and dealing as he walks through the dining room at Grayson Manor, Dan calls Aiden to give him the good news that he's being vetted for a spot on the board at Grayson Global. All that's required is for Aiden to complete some transactions abroad. Aiden says that's no problem. Their phone call ends just as Ems is coming downstairs from talking to Charlotte. There's a bit of an awkward moment before Dan launches into giving his condolences to Emanda. She brushes it off and asks if Dan can make it to the funeral. It would mean a lot to her, she says. Dan accepts the invitation.

Jack has tracked down the nautical locker belonging to the key he discovered. Inside is a duffel bag. He grabs it and walks off right by where Conrad is giving his press conference about Amily's passing. Jack slinks by into the bedroom at the Stowaway and begins rummaging through the bag. Inside are papers, a passport and the laptop. He cracks the latter open, but it's password-protected. Jack tries a few uninspired phrases like "Amanda" and her birthday, getting nowhere. Meanwhile, Nolan and Ems separately watch the press conference on TV, but discuss it over the phone. Nolan reports that the laptop has come online at the Stowaway just as Conrad asks Jack to come up to the microphone in a showing of unity. Ems recoils.


Emanda has rushed down to the Stowaway to intercept Jack. She finds him getting dressed for the funeral in the bedroom and spies the open laptop on the bed. Jack's acting as if nothing's different, so Ems plays it that way as well until Jack blindsides her with pages of her own journal that tipped him off to Emanda and Amily's friendship dating back to their teen years in juvie. Jack's livid that on top of everything he's endured Emanda was lying to him, too. He's reacting like a jilted lover with rapid-fire questions. What else was Ems lying about? Why did she lie? Finally, he gets to the big question. Did she know about the plan to bring down the Graysons? He doesn't even let Ems answer. The thought of Emanda allowing Amily to put them all in such danger is repulsive. Ems tries to offer up a barely audible apology. Jack: "I don't have time for this. I gotta bury my wife in an hour." He asks Emanda to leave. She rolls her eyes back and forth in deep thought about twenty times and then walks out.

Also in deep thought, Nolan stares at the flash drive containing Carrion that he's toying with in his hands. Padma walks in surprised he hasn't left for the funeral. Looking disheveled for the first time in this show's history, Nolan says he was up all night completing Carrion. Before Padma can ask why, he adds that the fingerprint on her father's immigration file matched. He holds out the flash drive for her to take, but doesn't let go when she takes hold of it. Nolan: "I can't tell you what to do, Padma, but when they make contact keep in mind that the people that took your dad don't have the best track record when it comes fulfilling their end of the bargain." Emanda's eulogy voices over as Padma takes the flash drive, internalizing this decision as she scans Nolan's face. "Death is a thief. It takes and keeps all that a person is... that a person was..."

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