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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

Cut to the cemetery where the Graysons, Jack, Carl, Declan, Nolan and Emanda make up the entire funeral. Ems continues her eulogy as Daniel walks up to the gathering to whisper in his mother's ear that Aiden completed the transactions and they can trust him. Meanwhile, Aiden is picking a lock to break into the Stowaway. Back at the funeral, Emanda completes her unremarkable eulogy and places a flower on Amily's casket. She locks eyes with Jack, stepping down in anticipation of a hug, but he walks right past her to place his flower on the casket. The rest of the funeral attendees follow suit. Ems watches as Jack steps up to Conrad to thank him and his family for coming. He asks if he can come by Grayson Manor next week to talk about honoring Amily in some way. Conrad graciously says their door is always open. Whispering to Nolan, Ems says she wishes she could tell Jack the truth, but Nolan presents the logical answer to that. The last thing Jack needs is to have Ams taken away from him again. Jack comes up to them to ask Nolan if he can come back to the Stowaway with him for a computer issue. They leave together with no protestation by Emanda. Conrad's phone rings with a call most likely from Trask that we don't hear. Conrad simply says, "The boy knows nothing." A few feet away, Victoria places a flower on the grave of David Clarke right next to where Emanda happens to be standing. Tears are already filling Victoria's eyes as she notes the tragedy of the Clarkes. She's only glad that David didn't outlive his daughter. That's something no one should have to live through, Victoria says before leaving with the rest of the Graysons.

Jack and Nolan arrive at the Stowaway to find its been ransacked. Jack caustically says, "Grayson." Cut to Emanda standing out on the dock behind Casa Emily later that night. Aiden sidles up beside her, handing over the laptop. He says it's back with its rightful owner and she can now do with it as she wishes. After pondering for a moment, Ems flings it into the ocean. Aiden asks what the hell she's doing. Protecting Jack like she said she would, she says. But the evidence on the laptop could've sent the Graysons away forever, argues Aiden. Emanda: "The kind of punishment I came here for had nothing to do with prison." OK, that's a cool line. Emanda reasons that the laptop only clouded her judgment. There are no distractions now. Sure, blame new technology for your failings.

Burning the midnight oil in his office at Grayson Global, Daniel sips from a tumbler, looks over at the camera clock and calls Grace into the room. He asks her to take the clock into the shop because the time is off. When she grabs it, he gives it some more thought and suggests that she can keep it if she wants. That's dash cunning, Daniel. Randomly pawning off the clock you've been eyeing suspiciously for days to your secretary is surely not going to tip off a multi-national terrorist cell. Bravo.

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