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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

In the dead of night Emanda has gone back out to Amily's grave despite pouring rain. She quietly stands alone with her umbrella until a man's voice breaks the silence from the darkness behind her. He says that the Amanda Clarke he knew was a survivor. Ems asks how he knew her. The man says she burned his house down. "Who are you?" Ems asks. The camera spins around to reveal Eli James. "I'm her brother." Well... it's been fun having a decent show, guys. Will it make you hate this episode less to know that Helen Hunt directed it? No? OK.

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in Austin, Texas. He used to co-host TWoP's original "Trailers Without Pity" with his brother Omar G. Check out their webcomic Space Monkeys! and follow Pablo's writing at Pablog. Follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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