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The Vote
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In close-up, Victoria's hand -- nearly swallowed up by the hugest nightgown sleeve ever -- caresses a wooden case. Emanda voice-over: "For the righteous, a revelation is a joyous event -- the realization of a divine truth." Interspersed fade cuts guide us through Victoria unlatching the golden clasps of the box, revealing a rifle inside the red velvet-lined case. The camera glides over the rifle's body in extreme close-up not unlike so much NRA porn. VO continued: "For the wicked, revelations can be far more terrifying... when dark secrets are exposed and sinners are punished for their trespasses." Victoria stares down the barrel of the antique rifle and lets off a round. She's outdoors now, skeet shooting. Not Lil Jon skeet shooting. I always feel the need to clarify nowadays. And that nightgown from earlier? It's actually a puffy pirate shirt. Is that standard skeet shooting attire? Victoria, Conrad and their guest, Salvador Grobet, are all wearing white/khaki with brown vests out at a crowded firing range. Conrad misses a shot and gets some ribbing from Salvador, but Conrad just blames being out of practice simply for lack of time. Perfect segue to talking business.

Conrad expects things will die down once the absurd no-confidence vote being levied against him by Daniel passes by. Salvador thinks Daniel makes a good case if he can secure Nolcorp. According to Conrad, there's no reason to believe Nolcorp is the game-changer Daniel claims, and that Nolan won't give it up without a fight. Salvador makes it clear he holds the key to this vote. A block of voters on the board will go whichever way he chooses to vote. And just like that, we have the premise for this whole episode.

Elsewhere on the grounds, Emanda and Aiden don their white and khaki in the refreshments tent. Ems gives Aiden the rundown on this Salvador character. He's from Brazil and, unlike most men in the Hamptons, married into his fortune. He's been on the Grayson Global board since 1999, and always sided with Conrad on major votes. Ems figures, though, that greed is Salvador's main motivator, and Daniel delivering Nolcorp will easily sway the vote. Speak of the devil, Nolan sidles up, wearing a gray blazer with pink checker stripe accents, a hot pink shirt with the collar flipped up and a salmon-colored polo layered over it. He intones, "Mm... sacrificial lamb, reporting for the slaughter." Aiden excuses himself, leaving Ems with a peck on the cheek. Nolan points to his cheek, but no dice. Why doesn't anybody ever show Nolan love? Emanda needs the acquisition of Nolcorp to seem imminent. Nolan's OK with that because he's got a little plan of his own to take out some of the sting. But that's for Nolan to know and Ems to find out later. With the tables turned on secrecy for once, Nolan takes this rare opportunity to tease Emanda. "Oh, how's that feel? Not so fun, huh?"

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