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The Vote

Stowaway. Jack's finishing up making some phone calls out of his father's address book to invite people to little Carl's christening. Kenny eyes the book and eavesdrops on Jack explaining to Declan that Carl's friends really stepped up when he died, so it only makes sense to have them there as friends of the family. Actually, turns out it was Kenny's idea for Jack to do this. Nate walks in as Jack and Dec hug it out over the fact Declan will be Carl's godfather. He notes the mushiness going on in this bar, but it only gets mushier for Nate. Jack extends an invitation for the christening to the Ryan boys. You can see the grudging acceptance on Nate's face as he realizes just how good these Porter boys are that he plans to eventually screw over.

Back out at the skeet range or whatever it's called, Daniel and Ashley approach Salvador. Dan introduces Salvador to Ash and there's immediately one-way chemistry coming from the creepy, old Latin man. Aiden comes over to join the conversation, and gets introduced as Takeda's proxy. Salvador noticed Aiden was speaking with Nolan over in the pavilion, which maybe goes a little way toward convincing Mr. Grobet this deal is a real possibility. Ashley steps up to the plate to offer Salvador arrangements for entertainment since his wife couldn't make the trip. This couldn't possibly lead to trouble down the line. Mr. Grobet offers for Daniel to take a shot at the skeet, or shoot skeet or whatever.

Before the clay pigeon can even enter Daniel's line of fire, it's obliterated by a shot coming from Emanda, whom nobody even realized was there. She apologizes for the break in etiquette (she's totally not sorry), and immediately draws some creepy admiration from Salvador. "I need to come to the Hamptons more often. Beautiful women just seem to fall from the skies." Yech. Ems sneaks in her intention to invest in Grayson Global if Daniel were to take over the reins. Conrad's shady dealings are the only thing giving her pause, she tells Salvador. When Ash takes Salvador to get refreshments, Daniel thanks Emanda for the endorsement.

Off in another tent, Conrad gets distracted from packing up rifles with Victoria, noticing Ashley and Salvador walking arm-in-arm. It's a nice touch by Daniel to trot out Ash, knowing Salvador has a penchant for exotic women, Conrad says. Victoria quips that it's awfully brave of Salvador considering his wife holds his fortune. Conrad's phone rings from a blocked number. Helen of the Initiative wants to discuss Daniel's future as she clandestinely watches the Graysons from her black towncar parked nearby. Conrad insists there's no reason to involve Daniel, as he's sure he can wrestle the vote away from his son. That remains to be seen for Helen. Furthermore, any attempt to inform Daniel of the Initiative's involvement will result in Dan's death. Victoria has had her ear to Conrad's phone throughout this whole threat and is visibly ready to explode. Helen dropping a condescending, "Hello, Victoria," sets her off. She snatches the phone from Conrad and launches into a threat of her own. V: "I swear, if you so much as lay a hand on my son, I'll kill you myself! Do you understand?!" Remember when Victoria used to lace her threats with wit? This is pure aggression. Helen rolls up her car window and hangs up. The Graysons frantically scan the area for any sign of her with no luck.

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