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The Vote

Threatened 3-D title card and commercials

Nolan and Padma stand in an elevator at Grayson Global. "Prepare to enter the lion's den," Padma deadpans as they exit. That lameness would draw my ire, but it sets up Nolan's, "Oh, and here comes little Simba now," when Dan walks up. He briefs the two on there being a new development that's altered the terms of the deal Nolan was expecting. Nolan's further surprised to see Ashley present at the door to the conference room rather than Aiden. She explains Aiden doesn't work for Grayson Global in an official capacity. Adding to the homefield advantage for Grayson Global, Marco Romero's standing there when Ashley flings open the door. Nolan's immediately shaken. He asks Padma to leave.

With her gone, Nolan demands to know what Marco's doing there. Dan fields the question. He says he hoped to gain insight into Nolcorp and got more than he bargained for. Dan's now aware of the missing $500 million from the tax shelter Marco set up for Nolan. All Nolan cares about is whether Marco revealed who the money was for, which he didn't, so Nolan offers to write Daniel a check. Dan knows he has leverage here, so he rejects the payout and offers his terms. He wants 51 percent controlling interest in Nolcorp with Nolan staying on as CEO in good faith, otherwise, he will dispatch forensic accountants to track down the money. Nolan's beat. He grins and bears it as he accepts the terms and throws open the double door to the conference room before strolling out of there.

Grayson Manor pool house. Daniel and Ashley celebrate his windfall in a loose embrace. Their conversation turns to Aiden, who Daniel wants in contact with Salvador. Ashley seems to think that's a bad idea. She claims to not want to see another Grayson wannabe weasel their way into things like Tyler did. Her suggestion is to just take it slow and properly vet Aiden. Ems and Aiden watch this conversation on the surveillance laptop. Lest we forget Aiden's a Brit or learned man or whatever the fuck he is, he drops Lady Macbeth's name in reference to Ashley. He's prepared when he gets Daniel's phone call about wanting to take the lead on preparation for the vote and relegating Aiden to the sidelines. Emanda states the obvious when they hang up. Ashley's trying to turn Dan against Aiden. The solution? Ems pulls up a surveillance video she has recorded of Ashley getting it on with Conrad. Ew... you're going to have to reformat that hard drive. Emanda: "We turn Daniel against Ashley." For some reason the video pauses on Ashley's "O face" as our send off before...

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