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The Vote

Out in the pool house at Grayson Manor, Ashley looks in the mirror and applies make-up cheerfully, thinking she's by herself. Victoria appears behind her, giving a mini speech about how she used to do the same thing, plotting out her life until she ended up with Grayson Manor. She suggests Ash has really made herself at home lately. Ashley: "I do my best to keep out of your way." Victoria: "That's debatable." She hands over her phone to Ashley with the video queued up. Ash's face scrunches up in pain when she recognizes what it is. "Please, you must understand --" Ashley begs. Coldly, Victoria cuts her off, "Which part? That you seduced my husband, or that you hid it from my all-too-trusting son?" Ashley's now crying, insisting it was just one time and that her future was at risk if she didn't comply with Conrad. She asks Victoria to put herself in the same position, but the Queen's judgment and future are not in question. Victoria: "And we both know it would be a simple pleasure to annihilate you," Victoria says with a smile as she is wont to do. Ash continues to beg and throws in her declaration that she's in love with Daniel, and will do anything to set this right so she can protect what she has with him. Victoria's counting on that. She segues to asking if Ashley knows where Salvador's hotel room is. Dirty blackmail is afoot. Cut to Aiden watching this conversation at Casa Emily. He alerts Emanda that this could sway the vote to Conrad and ruin their one link to the Initiative. That's not an option, as far as Emanda's concerned.


Dan walks into his bedroom to find Ashley getting dolled up to go see Salvador. She lies about having to go schmooze some donors. Dan's compliments and good-natured suggestion that he'll be jealous with her out on the town looking so good only twists the guilt knife for Ash. She awkwardly thanks Daniel for having been the kindest anyone's ever been to her. When she leaves, Ems alerts Aiden, who's waiting at the hotel where Salvador's staying. They hang up and Aiden calls Dan. He cryptically tells Daniel to get down there as soon as he can.

Stowaway. The afterparty's still going on, and Nolan's solemnly swirling his scotch in his glass at the counter. Jack slaps him on the back and takes a seat next to him. I'd say it's nice to see Jack finally coming around to their friendship, but really Jack just needs another favor. He's ones of those friends. Jack asks if Nolan can find out whatever he can about Kenny and Nate. Nolan says to just text him the names and he'll do his magic. They're interrupted by Marco, so Nolan asks Jack if they can resume discussion later. Marco wants his old job back. Getting fired before Nolcorp went public ruined his career, and he thinks he has the trump card of knowing that Nolan kept millions of dollars from Amily and Jack. Nolan gets up and leaves in response to this accusation.

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