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The Vote

Ashley knocks on Salvador's hotel room door. He invites her in. "You'll find a glass of champagne waiting for you... on the nightstand." Shudder. Downstairs, Aiden meets with Daniel about why he was left out of negotiations with Nolan. Daniel makes up an excuse about needing time to vet him. On whose recommendation, Aiden asks. Silence from Daniel. Aiden goes for the kill. "What, your girlfriend? Because if she's the bar by which you measure fidelity, then there's something you need to know." Cut to Daniel banging on Salvador's door. When he answers, Dan barges in and finds Ashley in a bathrobe. She naturally tries to convince him that it's not what it looks like (when does that ever work?), but Dan's not buying it. He turns around and reaches into his coat pocket, then dramatically spins around like he's about to off them, but instead points his phone at them, snapping a picture. He gets in Salvador's face as Ashley sobs to herself. "You listen to me, you son of a bitch. Unless you want me to hand your wife the easiest -- and for you, the costliest -- divorce in history, your vote is mine tomorrow! Get your stuff out of my house, Ashley." Daniel is absolutely ferocious when he wants to be. It's been interesting to watch him grow into a formidable Grayson.

In an odd moment of leisure, Ems sits alone on her couch when her phone rings. Aiden, who watched the whole thing unfold in Salvador's hotel room, informs her that tomorrow Grayson Global will be run by Daniel.


Board members have assembled at Grayson Global for the no-confidence vote. Victoria goes up to Salvador, assuming Ashley did her magic on him, but instead, Salvador reveals he will be siding with Daniel because of his ruthlessness. Conrad walks up and can see on Victoria's face that they've lost. Their last option is to tell Daniel the truth. He agrees to give them a couple minutes of his time. In a side office, Dan lambasts his parents for holding something over Ashley that compelled her to cheat on him. Victoria opts to not reveal Ashley's affair with his father. Instead, she tries to sway Daniel with the truth, but he thinks it's rich his parents think they can offer "the truth." With nothing else left, Victoria tries to invoke her motherly love and warns Dan that he is in grave danger, but can't bring herself to explicitly tell him about the Initiative because of Helen's earlier threat. Dan calls his parents' will to stay in power shameless and walks out.

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