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The Vote

Matt finds Declan cleaning up on the Amanda. He's looking for Jack, but he's inside at the bar. Matt skipped out on the reception after the christening, and seems cautious about going to see Jack unless he knows where Kenny and Nate are. Dec says they're probably around, so Matt says he's just going to head home. He tries to quickly get down the dock, but is headed off by Kenny on one end and Nate on the other. They want to know what he knows about the night their father died. Matt claims to know nothing, but the Ryans know better. Nate says they're going to take Matt to go settle this like men. Flip cup it is.

Ems arrive at the Grayson Global office to find the aftermath of the vote. Lots of people smiling and shaking hands around Daniel. Aiden informs her that he's won. Dan is now CEO of Grayson Global. They watch as Dan goes to shake hands with Salvador, who refuses. Daniel leans into him, "I suggest you smile and shake my hand. In addition to Nolcorp, my other acquisition today was your loyalty. Don't forget that." Wow. He's his father's son. Mr. Grobet grudgingly smiles, shakes his hand and walks away.

Dan greets Ems and asks if he can have a few moments alone with Aiden. If all goes to plan, Aiden's about to get his seat on the board, but... it... doesn't go as planned. Dan claims the board has elected to close ranks now that their bottom line has significantly increased. There's no room on the board for Aiden. Conrad and Victoria are exiting on the adjacent elevator as this conversation goes on, and Victoria seems to notice Daniel's mention of Aiden's involvement in this major coup -- this just after seeing Aiden with Ems. The dots may be connecting in the Queen's head. Dan's letdown of Aiden is full of condescension and probably some jealousy over his dating Emanda. He tells Aiden to have fun with her today before walking away.

Stowaway. Amily finds Jack searching the bar for his father's address book, which has gone missing. His phone rings with a call from Nolan, who's found out just how bad the Ryan brothers are. Nate just finished a five-year jail sentence, and Kenny doesn't even own a house in the Hamptons so the whole thing about being Declan's burglary victim was a lie. Nolan gets Jack to finally realize his business partners are the sons of Joe Ryan, who was famously murdered nearby. In the midst of these revelations, Charlotte bursts into the bar screaming that there's a man bloodied and dying out on the dock. Everyone rushes out to find Matt beaten to a pulp and laboring to stay alive. Matt confesses everything to Jack -- how he killed Joe, and Carl protected him by hiding the gun on the Amanda. "They're not your friends, Jack. They want... payback."

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