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Sour Grapes

Amily sits across from Jack, a pane of glass separating them as they talk on the prison phone. Jack suspects the Ryan brothers were tipped off by the cops that a raid was coming. It doesn't really matter how it happened because Amily is dead-set on fixing the problem now. She doesn't want Jack spending another night in prison. Jack cuts off her plans to involve Ems or Nolan for bail money and explains that any further investigation will reveal that the gun was the murder weapon used to kill Kenny and Nate's dad. He asks Amily to promise she won't do anything against the Ryans. Her face says that's a promise she can't make.

In the parlor at Grayson Manor, Conrad dons his polo shirt and golf shorts uniform of unemployment. His business rival of 20 years, Jason Prosser, has brought him a box of Cuban cigars as a "retirement" gift. Victoria enters the parlor and cuts through the small talk to have a private word with Conrad. She relays the information she got from Emanda about Daniel being directed by Helen to acquire Stonehaven. Conrad's aware that this company is of little value and that the Initiative simply aims to profit off corporate upheaval. But what can they do to stop it? Victoria eyes Jason through a nearby window and says, "Sabotage." She smiles to herself.

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Victoria has summoned Emanda to Grayson Manor. She thanks Ems for the intel on Stonehaven, but really wants to talk about Emanda's invitation of Daniel to her charity event. Emanda deftly admits that she was already planning that before she and Victoria formed their alliance. None the wiser, Victoria suggests that Emanda invite Jason Prosser to the event since his competitive nature versus Grayson Global could prove lucrative for the charity. Emanda pretends as though she's doing Victoria a favor by accepting the recommendation.

Stowaway. Dec and Amily are done playing nice with the Ryans. When they return to the bar, Dec demands to know what Nate wants from them. In not so polite terms, he tells Declan that he wants full ownership of the bar, but he figures something like that will require Jack's signature. Dec's hands are tied. Nate walks out of the room, leaving behind his good cop brother. Amily and Dec aren't in the mood to entertain Kenny's presumed innocence in all of this. His suggestion that Dec just get along with all of this for the time being falls on deaf ears.

Dan has stormed into Nolan's office and demanded to know about Nolcorp's past R&D. The thing about this power grab of a confrontation is that Nolan is sitting there the whole time nonchalantly playing Tetris. Little known fact: Daniel has no authority where Tetris is being played. Eventually, Daniel brings up Carrion, which catches Nolan's attention. Dan wants a full report on it immediately. Nolan sits conflicted after Daniel leaves, but he's lifted up by the sight of Padma, who has returned from exile or whatever. She wants to work for Nolan again, even if she isn't qualified to be CFO. All that matters to her is being down the hall from him. That's all Nolan needs to hear before hiring her back. The seeming harbinger of odd hirings and firings, Marco, appears instantly to comment on Padma's return. He's obviously not happy, but no one really cares. Reinforcing the idea that Nolan couldn't care less about Marco, he invites Padma as his date to Emanda's charity wine auction. Marco's within earshot and gets his jealous CFO feelings hurt.

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