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Dan writes out a check for a million dollars to Emanda just as Helen walks up to them to introduce herself by offering a simple donation. Ems and Helen exchange pleasantries until Nolan hacks the lights to give Emanda an out, pretending it's a cue from the establishment that she needs to tie up loose ends as the event comes to a close. Instead, she sneaks off to spy on Helen's conversation with Daniel about acquiring Stonehaven, and then spies on Aiden following after Helen as she leaves. Emanda sighs deeply.

In Conrad's study at Grayson Manor, Amily and Charlotte sit across for his desk after having just explained their problem. Conrad doesn't want to jump into such a murky situation just on the recommendation of an accused man and the mother of his child. He offers sanctuary for Declan until things get sorted out, but can't help Jack, whom he refers to as Amily's "baby daddy" (!) because he has to protect his own name. Amily invokes the grand, public gesture Victoria made of bringing her into the fold, but Conrad strikes that down because of her attempt to extort them over her father's journal. Furthermore, he doesn't appreciate that Charlotte is now exposed to this underworld of drugs and crime that seems to orbit Ams. He asks that she stay away from the family and literally turns his back on her. This affords Amily the opportunity to snatch a big gold watch off of Conrad's desk before she leaves, seeming like she now has a plan. Charlotte walks out silently in a huff as Ashley is walking in. Ash suggests to Conrad that he's missing a large opportunity to forward his political career. Conrad's like, "Say whaaa?"

On the way out of the auction, Nolan bumps into Padma. She claims she was late because Marco threw a bunch of busy work at her, but she's most concerned about a conversation she overheard between him and Daniel. They were talking about "Carrie Anne" or something. Carrie-Anne Moss? That is concerning. Nolan's face goes white because he instantly knows Padma's naive ramblings are about Marco feeding Dan information about Carrion. He runs off to stop Marco without filling Padma in on what's going on.

Charlotte shows up at The Amanda to offer Declan her support and tell him that her father said he could come and stay at Grayson Manor. Dec thanks her, but he's not interested in running away from the fight to preserve everything his father provided for him and Jack. He's staying put. Meanwhile, Amily trades Conrad's watch to a street thug for an unregistered gun out of the trunk of his car. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good stripper mama with a gun.

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