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Treachery on the High Seas

Ash wants to know why she's been summoned to the house at such an early hour. It's because Conrad wants to announce his gubernatorial candidacy... tonight. It's every communications director's nightmare. Ash doesn't hide her irritation with the situation, and goes one step further by revealing she's aware that this is all the result of Amily's blackmail. Conrad thinks that's all the more reason why he should move quickly. He then passes the buck to Ashley to make sure that Amily poses no further interference to his plans. This is why a communications degree is bunk.

Casa Emily. Ems has Nolan and Aiden on a three-way video conference call from her iPad. Nolan says he's set up a super secure and untraceable chatroom for them. He says this from his location at the Stowaway because he's watching over the bar while Jack and Amily have their honeymoon. He asks Aiden, or "Mr. Bean" rather, where he is, giving Aiden an opportunity to gripe about having to stay away from Emanda just in case Daniel comes around. Aiden reminds them that the whole purpose of that Daniel charade is to get at the Initiative, and they're missing a golden opportunity with Padma. Nolan immediately balks at the idea of putting Padma in any further danger, but Aiden makes a good point that they may still be able to save her father. Ems comes around to Aiden's way of thinking, and advises Nolan that the guy who lost his sister to these Initiative jerks might be the right guy to help save his girlfriend. Emanda has really been off her game lately, no? She has to end the call because there's a knock at the door.

It's Ash. There's plenty of reasons for this face-to-face meeting to be a little awkward, but Ems really has no time for awkward. She asks Ashley to get right to the point. At least feigning some concern, Ash tells Emanda about Amily's blackmailing of Conrad with something on her laptop. It totally catches Emanda off guard, but she's able to keep her composure when she asks what Ams showed Conrad. Ash, of course, doesn't know, but her description of Conrad's immediate change of heart upon seeing it is all Ems probably needs to hear to know what has happened. She thanks Ashley for the heads up, cutting her off before she can launch into some sort of misguided apology or reconciliation attempt. As soon as Ash leaves, Ems heads straight for her secret compartment. Her laptop is gone. You can't even trust a pseudo sister that has assumed your identity with your secrets, these days.

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