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Treachery on the High Seas

Emanda manages to get Ams onto her raft. Amily just wants to know that Jack's going to be OK. They won't know that until Nolan returns, Ems says. A minute goes by and Amily's now being much more realistic. She needs to know that Emanda will take care of Jack and Carl. Promise. Emanda breaks down like we've never heard her before and apologizes to her pseudo sister. Ams doesn't want to hear it because Emanda gave her the one thing she always wanted: a family. She pulls out the necklace she went back for before the explosion and hands it to Ems.

FLASHBACK: Teenage Amanda Clarke hands the necklace over to teenage Emily Thorne in the juvie cell they shared, saying she'll be back for it and for her. Emily stops her before she goes to ask for verification that Amanda considers them sisters, then startles her with a hug. She tells the young Amanda, who is still cold and emotionless, that she loves her. /FLASHBACK.

Ems answers her memory, telling Ams that she loves her, but it's too late. Amily is gone. Emanda loses it, sobbing in uncontrollable bursts.

Conrad joins Victoria and Daniel out on the Queen's balcony at Grayson Manor. The two parents are pretty chipper, all things considering, but Daniel looks weighed down by his conscience. He asks how he's supposed to just pretend like nothing's changed. What about Amanda Clarke? Victoria simply says that Amily chose the wrong enemy.

Nolan races back in the speed boat for Emanda as Jack undergoes emergency surgery. Ems hangs on tight to Amily, but half of the raft is waterlogged. Emanda voice-over: "Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else. Only out of the agony of those losses can a new resolution be born..." Ems lets go of Amily and lets her sink into the ocean. VO: "An undying devotion to a cause greater than one's self." Nolan searches anxiously with his flashlight for Emanda in the middle of the dark ocean, screaming out her name. Ems stares at Amily's necklace, and hears Nolan far off in the distance. VO: "...and a moral duty to see a journey through..." Ems fires off her flare gun. " its absolute completion." We crane above Emanda lying in her raft, emotionally drained and bathed in the red tint of her beacon.

Find out if Amanda's death was really necessary, how it might affect Emily, why Emily and Jack should never get together and what past Revenge guest star (and current The Following villain) James Purefoy had to say about hopping into bed with Madeleine Stowe from our friends at Wetpaint.

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