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Arrested Development
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It's still the aftermath of Tyler's murder. The police are now on the scene and walk a line on the beach, combing for evidence. Emanda voice-over: "My father's false imprisonment taught me that in a crisis you quickly find out who your real friends are. Tragedy and scandal it seems have a unique way of clarifying people's priorities." The camera scans the beach and finally rests on Tyler's lifeless body being photographed by forensic specialists.

Cut to Charlotte sitting in an interrogation room beginning a quick-moving montage of all the attendees of the Fire & Ice Ball being questioned. She's in mid-story about hearing a cell phone go off and then seeing someone in a hoodie in the tall grass. Dec is next up. He isn't certain it was a hoodie he saw. Really, Dec? What was it -- a prom dress? Ashley says Tyler wasn't a bad person, he was just sick. Nolan: "The guy went all Benihana on my arm and tied me to a chair." Victoria: "That boy was a menace." Conrad has already turned hostile on his interrogators and blames them for letting Tyler loose after he had held them at gunpoint. Now it's Emanda's turn. She says she went home to get Daniel a change of clothes, saw her gun was missing and she had left her window open. Tyler must've climbed in and stolen the gun, she says. Finally, Daniel is grilled. He says he doesn't remember his struggle with Tyler. That would make sense since he has 15 stitches in his head. The investigator starts leading Daniel. He paints a picture of Tyler being a threat to Dan and his family with a history of violence. Then he adds condescendingly, "Look, I can understand. You felt like your life was in danger. You shot him, didn't you?" FLASHBACK: Victoria whispers to Daniel on the beach after Tyler's murder, "Don't say a word." /FLASHBACK. Daniel to the detective: "I don't remember."

Outside of the interrogation room a TV monitor shows Daniel sitting silently at an empty table. The detective comes out to find Victoria, Conrad and Emanda. Ems asks the detective if they're charging Daniel. Not yet. He advises them not to leave for the Labor Day holiday. Victoria wants the police to let Daniel go since he has a bad head injury, but the detective reminds her that he also has blood all over him that's probably Tyler's. The police want to ask more questions of Daniel. Conrad says Dan's lawyer should be present, lest they want to violate his son's rights. Defeated, the detective nods to some officers to bring out Daniel from the interrogation room. Emanda greets him first and gives him a hug. She whispers to him that they should go home. Victoria speaks up to offer her son a ride from the police station. He says he's going home with Ems instead, but he wants to talk with his mother privately first.

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