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Arrested Development

Jack gets back to a dark Porter bar. He notices blood on his sleeve and starts to take off his hoodie. He's startled to find Dec sitting in the dark, waiting for him in Jack's bedroom. Dec immediately asks where his brother's been, or better yet, why he's not in Haiti. Jack says his boat engine crapped out. The thing about that is Dec saw the boat in the dock an hour ago. So where's Jack been since then? Jack ignores Dec's question and turns it back around to ask what Declan's doing awake. It's been a crazy night Dec says, adding that Tyler was murdered. Jack's voice goes up an octave when he asks, "Tyler?" Dec says Charlotte told cops they saw a guy in a hoodie. Shits! Jack's holding a hoodie! Trying to act as natural as possible, Jack starts asking questions a concerned brother should be asking. Is Dec all right? What happened? There's definitely a tone in Dec's voice that he senses something's off while he talks to Jack. He slowly gets closer to his brother and spots Jack's terrible job of hiding his hoodie on his chair, but doesn't say anything. He just says he didn't get a good look at the hoodied figure's face, and he's going to bed.

Casa Emily. Ems comes back home to find Dan searching through a box he found in the floorboards. It's pretty obvious right away that it's not the infinity x infinity box. It looks more like a tackle box. He asks Emanda what it is. Ems plays dumb, saying it must be there from the previous owner. Dan, probably feeling a little dumb, tells his fiancé he was foolishly searching for secrets Tyler told him were hidden under Emanda's floorboards. Ems comforts Dan, saying Tyler was crazy and a liar. She brushes off an apology from Daniel because she figures he must be traumatized and injured. It's all cliché girlfriend stuff from here. She loves him and will stay by his side no matter what. They get up to go to bed. Ems take a glance at the fake infinity x infinity box over her shoulder as they walk off together.

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Grayson Manor. Emanda, Daniel and Victoria meet with the family's new lawyer, Benjamin Brooks. As it stands right now, Daniel hasn't been charged and all tests are pending for DNA and gun residue. Victoria thanks Brooks for taking over their legal needs and tells him he can expect her and Conrad to be a team working in Daniel's best interests. That might be more believable if Conrad were present. When Brooks points this out, Victoria leaves the room to yell at Conrad for not being in on their meeting. Conrad doesn't even register Victoria's anger because he's genuinely tired and trapped in a bad daydream he didn't want clouding his judgment in a meeting. FLASHBACK: Conrad sits with a glass of liquor, watching the live television newscast of the plane crash he caused. Victoria walks in the room to find Conrad guilt-ridden. He breaks down and admits his entire role in laundering the funding for the group that bombed the plane and what it means for them. Ever the dramatic one, Conrad finishes by telling his wife, "Life as we know it, Victoria, is over." /FLASHBACK. Conrad believes they're destined to repeat their history, and he and Victoria are in a mess together again whether they like it or not.

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