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Mr. Brooks has Daniel, his parents and Emanda alone in an interrogation room at the police station. He says Daniels fingerprints were on the gun, his hands tested positive for gun residue and the blood on his tux jacket was Tyler's. That sounds like first-degree murder charges. The spirit of the entire room drops except for Brooks. Conrad asks his son to now tell them everything about what happened that night on the beach. Daniel says he managed to get the gun away and he fired a shot when Tyler charged at him. After that, he blacked out and doesn't remember anything. Brooks gets an idea. He asks Dan where Tyler struck him on the head. Daniel remembers being hit on the temple, but Daniel has a hematoma on the back of his head, suggesting maybe there was a third person on the beach that night. Brooks wants to know if the family has any enemies. Victoria floats the idea of Amanda Clarke. Brooks is excited to have a lead, and asks where they might find her. Before anyone can answer, flashbulbs start going off from outside the interrogation room. Brooks leads the family out of the room through a sea of media types who are all shouting out questions. They're all ignored until Ashley suddenly pipes up that they have no comment. The reporters all converge on her, so she keeps awkwardly talking, putting a PR spin on it -- Daniel is innocent of the charges and the Graysons are sure justice will be served.

Jack returns to his truck for the first time since he last saw Amily. He finds the bank wire receipt for $5 million Emanda had given Tyler and the photo of Jack as a kid Amily had stolen from the infinity x infinity box. Jack's shocked. In fairness, it is a pretty unflattering childhood photo.

Victoria shows up at Casa Emily bearing a gift. Obviously acting out of survival instinct for her son, she's super nice to Emanda and says she understands how these might be really difficult circumstances to enter into an engagement. She instructs Emanda not to open her gift and asks that Ems stay by Daniel's side through all of this since that will help him out legally. Victoria suddenly asks why Emanda came back to her house the night of the murder. Emanda says she figured they would charge Dan and she wanted him to have a change of clothes when they took his suit as evidence. Victoria leaves, but not before making a remark that Emanda's time in juvenile detention might come in handy.

Fortress of Solitude Pool. Jack finds Nolan napping on a pool chair and wakes him up by admitting to his strange buddy that he has a problem and nowhere else to turn to for advice. He hands over the receipt to Nolan, and asks if it was him who transferred the money. Nolan denies it. Jack thinks then it must've been the Graysons. Trying to head off Jack's steam, Nolan suggests he doesn't want to get wrapped up in a murder investigation, but Jack already thinks he is. He tells Nolan he found the receipt in Amily's jacket and he followed her to the beach that night. Nolan hangs his head and draws the strength to give phony advice to his only friend. He suggests Amily probably took the money and left for Canada. Jack should forget about the money and forget about Amily. Jack insists he can't do that and leaves. Nolan pulls out his phone to call Emanda, but get her voicemail. Nolan: "Call me ASAP... you're gonna want to sit down for this one."

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