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Arrested Development

Cut to Emanda barging into the Fortress of Solitude, demanding to know how long Nolan has been working for Takeda. She threatens to kick Nolan's ass if he doesn't tell her how he was recruited. Somewhat terrified, Nolan says they met at an investor event this summer and he agreed to look out for Emanda for Takeda. Emanda calms down and blames herself for dragging Nolan so deep into all of this. The real concern right now is that the Graysons want to go after Amily, but in the meantime they're probably looking for a more local fall guy. Nolan understands what Emanda's saying.

Outside of the police station, Ashley holds a mini press conference. It plays out on a television in the Stowaway. She's already greatly improved her media presence and talks tough about the Graysons believing Daniel was set up. The family is offering $100,000 as a reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. Declan listens to all of this while he works the counter at the bar, and heads upstairs into Jack's room. He checks out his brother's hamper and finds the bloodied hoodie. He pauses to think.

Emanda comes home to find Charlotte waiting for her on her porch. Charlotte muses that it's probably the best spot on the beach. They sit down on the porch swing their father built, and Charlotte continues her stream of consciousness. She thinks it's crazy to believe she lived next door to her sister all along. She wishes she could ask Amanda Clarke about their father, and figures chances are it won't happen now. Ems asks if that's why she's been taking pills. Char gives no answer. Probably sensing a little opportunity to connect with her half-sister, Emanda tells Charlotte she was told by Jack and Amily that her father built the swing they're sitting on. So, he couldn't have been all bad. Emanda awkwardly puts her arm around Charlotte, who naturally rests her head on Ems' shoulder. They sit together quietly, only one of them knowing they're sharing a genuine moment of sisterhood.

Porter Bar. Dec comes downstairs where his brother is chopping lemons by himself and asks if they can talk. Declan take a moment to think how he's going to approach this, and then launches into telling a story of the time he broke a bar sign of their father's when he was nine. Little Declan was so terrified of the trouble he'd gotten himself into that he ran upstairs that day and started packing his things to leave, but Jack took the blame for it and missed out on an important camping trip to protect his little brother. Dec finishes this story and then just sets the bloodied hoodie down on the counter top. Before Jack can explain, Declan cuts him off to say his older brother is the most stand-up guy he's ever known, and he doesn't care who he's protecting this time or why, but he's going to protect Jack now. And I'm going to start bawling my eyes out. That Dec kid... he might be all right.

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