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Porter Bar. Mr. Brooks takes a seat at the bar and orders a single malt (neat) from Jack. He asks where the pretty bartender is. Jack tries to brush off the question by claiming she was seasonal, but then Brooks asks for clarification because he thought the two were dating. Nolan, sitting a few seats down, notices the line of questioning and begins listening closely. Brooks introduces himself as Daniel's lawyer and asks where Jack was Saturday night. Jack explains his Haiti situation and his boat trouble. Brooks suggests Jack should've left when he had the chance and hands over his business card before asking that Jack let him know if he hears anything from Amily. Nolan sidles over to Jack and offers to have his boat fixed by nightfall, but Jack isn't interested. He doesn't want to run away from the problem, and thinks he needs to find Amily before the Graysons do. He just has no idea how he's going to do that yet.

Nightfall at Grayson Manor. Brooks walks through the parlor and is stopped by a question from Ashley. She wonders if he cares to know whether his clients are guilty or not. He doesn't. It would just cloud his judgment. He asks what Ashley thinks about this case. She thinks Daniel shot Tyler and will get away with it. Brooks points out that Ashley continues to work for the Graysons despite that. He suggests she's doing a great job of being in front of the camera as the spokesperson for the family, and if she plays her cards right in this case, she could end up making a big name for herself. That'll be the day.

In her bedroom, Victoria lifts her wine glass up from a newspaper with Daniel's murder case story. Conrad walks in and they begin to reminisce about when they used to be a golden couple in the eyes of the media. Now, their children consist of a murder suspect and an illegitimate, ungrateful teenager. They have a laugh together over how low they've fallen. When that moment passes, Victoria returns to the reality of the situation and admits she's worried. Jail's no place for a guy like Daniel. That's totally true. He could barely keep Tyler off of him.

We're at Daniel's bond hearing. The judge starts to make a speech about justice having no price tag, which could easily have been substituted with "You're doomed, rich boy." She says she has weighed the evidence and the family's access to transportation like private jets, which has led to her decision to deny bail for Daniel. He's to be remanded to maximum security prison on Riker's Island. He's removed from the courtroom as Victoria and Ems look on helplessly.

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