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The Stony Path

FLASHBACK: In a seedy motel room, young Amanda thanks young Emily for switching identities, and tells her to take care of herself and stay strong. They give each other one last hug and say goodbye, using each other's new aliases. When Emily (now Amanda) walks out of the room, Amanda (now Emily) walks over to her motel bed and pulls out the infinity X infinity box from underneath it. Emanda voice-over: "We all have secrets that we keep locked away from the rest of the world. Friendships we pretend... relationships we hide... " Amanda pulls out a memo from the desk of Warden Stiles which reads: "If you choose this path, and I hope you won't, call this number first. His name is Satoshi 011+81 8652 471 ... Fukushuu." Amanda pulls out her old flip phone and dials. She tells the man who answers on the other end that she is ready to continue her training. We cut to Mr. Takeda standing in a courtyard full of bonsai trees. He tells her she must come to Japan. She says she will leave tomorrow. /FLASHBACK. Emanda watches Jack and Amily sitting on her porch swing talking and laughing through her window. VO: "But worst of all is the love we never let show. The most dangerous secrets a person can bury are those we keep from ourselves." She turns away in disgust.

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He co-hosts TWoP's original "Trailers Without Pity" with his brother Omar G. Check him out at Unp0ssible and Pablog and follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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