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The Stony Path

Victoria brings Lydia lobster bisque in bed. Man, I want to be thrown off my apartment building onto a taxi cab if it means lobster bisque in bed. Lydia tells Victoria she doesn't have to help her and she now remembers what happened the night of the benefit. She remembers Victoria telling her she wouldn't accept her apology and that she hates her. How awkward. They're interrupted by a knock at the door. It's the police with a warrant to search the house in relation to Frank's murder case. They've tracked the GPS of his phone to the premises. That and the fact that Conrad had recently fired Frank are reason enough for the police to start building a case against Conrad. They find the phone outside Grayson Manor and take it as evidence.

On "The Amanda," Emanda tracks down Amily sunbathing. She demands to know why Amily didn't get on the plane to Paris and also didn't call Emanda when she failed to do so. She claims she went to see Emanda personally and couldn't talk to her because she was busy with Dan, which is the truth as far as we're concerned. Understandably, Amily is tired of running. She wants a home and friends of her own. I find it hard to believe Amily wasn't a charmer back at the strip club. She'll take the name Kara Wilkins so she can stick around these parts and not draw suspicion. That's not good enough for Emanda. It's too risky. Amily calls Emanda's kettle black since she's living in her childhood house next door to her target. Emanda's had enough. She flat out tells Amily to leave. Amily smugly looks up at Emanda and reminds her she doesn't need permission to do what she wants, and asks Emanda to step aside because she's blocking her sun. It's funny to see Emanda use her, "Can you believe this bitch?" face.

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Tyler walks into the downstairs parlor at Grayson Manor to find Conrad and Daniel finishing up a discussion of the volleyball match from earlier in the day. Conard ribs Tyler a little bit, so he volunteers some self-deprecation about his performance. This talk of friendly competition segues into Conrad talking about an idea he has about pitting Tyler and Daniel against each other to see who can close a big deal with a high-rolling investor at a Grayson Global recruitment party tomorrow. Winner takes all, literally. Full commission goes to whoever gets someone to buy first. Things are getting really catty between Tyler and Daniel. When Conrad suggests Daniel might have an advantage since they're trying to sell their investors the "Grayson lifestyle," Daniel stares Tyler down and says it's not much of an advantage since Tyler has lived it all summer, not-so-subtly implying Tyler has been freeloading. Tyler fires back, "Ambition versus nepotism. Game on." Victoria enters the room, disbanding the meeting. She's there to tell Conrad the police are building a case against him. He maintains his innocence, suggests Victoria start siding with his story and threatens to rip everything she cherishes away from her if he ends up going down without her support. The threat doesn't faze Victoria at all.

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