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The Stony Path

There's a knock at the door of Casa Emily. Emanda goes to answer and is surprised to see Victoria standing outside. Queen Victoria just looks so out-of-place anywhere but Grayson Manor now. On the other side of Emanda's glass front door, she looks like some sort of poorly displayed/lit mannequin sporting a dress that's one size too small. Emanda thinks she's there looking for Daniel, but instead Victoria asks if she can come in to talk about how her relationship with her son has been strained ever since Emanda entered the picture. Calm and collected, Emanda asks what it is that troubles Victoria about her so much. With no regard for Emanda's feelings, Victoria declares it's maternal instinct. Emanda falls back on an apology for not being forthcoming about her juvenile record. She adds, "We all have thing in our past that we wish we could change, don't we?" as we watch the fake smile on Victoria's face barely perceptibly become a little more fake. FLASHBACK: Victoria watches David Clarke tearing up his living room, looking for his laptop. Knowing full well it's currently in the hands of Frank and Conrad, Victoria suggests that maybe David just left it at the office. That's enough to stop happy-go-lucky David from worrying. He invites Victoria to stay for breakfast so she can start to get to know little Amanda, but she declines because she hasn't told Daniel she's leaving Conrad yet. She asks if they can keep their romance a secret a little longer. Sure, why not? /FLASHBACK. Without any sort of prompting other than this reverie, Victoria threatens Emanda that she will live to regret it if she hurts Daniel. Still completely composed, Emanda asks to work out their differences. Victoria agrees for Daniel's sake and begins to leave, but Emanda stops her to say she's glad they had this talk because they might be family some day. Baha! Victoria forces a smile and leaves. Emanda smiles to herself devilishly.


Nighttime at Casa Emily. Daniel is home after his day at the beach and playfully calls out Emanda for skipping out on his volleyball match. She says she was called down to the station to give a statement to detectives in Frank's murder case. To further change the subject away from her suspicious behavior, she mentions Victoria's earlier visit and implores Daniel to forgive his mother since that's the only way he'll be able to put a stop to the power she tries to hold over his relationships. It's the most polite way I've ever heard someone say, "Cut the umbilical cord."

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