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The Stony Path


The boring investor party is wrapping up late at night at Grayson Manor. Victoria smugly asks Conrad if he'll be leaving as she goes to throw open Lydia's bedroom sliding doors to find that she and her things are gone. Conrad: "I moved her out earlier this evening while you were busy stabbing people in the back." He adds that he moved Lydia away somewhere safe from Victoria and there is no longer an "us" as pertains to him and his wife. He gives Victoria a goofy look of victory and closes the front door behind him. It shuts with a deafening echo that surely reminds Queen Victoria she now rules an empty home with an iron fist.

Dec is alone in his room at the Stowaway, doing whatever it is Declans do. Charlotte knocks on his doorframe. She asks how much Victoria thought she was worth. Dec smiles, saying he asked for $100,000 and Victoria countered with $25,000. He figures with that money he can buy a small place by the water where they can get some privacy. Charlotte is completely down with this and asks if they can start doing private things right now. They kiss and fall back onto Dec's bed. Teenagers these days... they're all about the sex and extortion.

Victoria and Ashley run into each other at the foot of the stairs at Grayson Manor with everyone else gone. They're about to part ways when Ash works up the nerve to ask why Victoria hired her. Queen Victoria doesn't even question the question before launching into the reasons being because Ashley is the best at what she does and she's close to Emanda. She then asks Ashley if she found it odd how quickly Emanda moved in with Daniel. Ash lets it slip that Emanda can be a tricky person. Victoria is intrigued by this, so she invites Ash to brunch to discuss Emanda further. Ashley accepts the invitation and calls Mrs. Grayson "Victoria" for the first time before walking out, her heart surely pounding cracks into her tiny ribcage. Every time a personal assistant calls their boss by their first name, a character gets its backbone.

It's late at Casa Emily when someone knocks at the door. Emanda goes to answer and is surprised to see Jack. He immediately brings up the time he told her about the little girl who used to live in her house and happily reveals it's the girl they met at Nolan's pool. Emanda looks like she's about to throw up something from the fish market. Jack is so happy as he goes on to explain that they have to keep this girl's identity a secret since she has a history with the people around the area. Amily slowly creeps up to Jack and Emanda from the side of the porch, a big smile on her face. Jack declares that he told Amily that she can trust Emanda. They are civil in fake introduction to each other. Jack continues that they're there because he wanted to show Amily the bench swing "her father" built for her. We are going to find out in a future episode probably that Emanda went inside the actors studio for part of her training because she does not let on that her insides are crying giant teardrops right now. Emanda's eyes slide down to see Amily take Jack's hand in hers. She returns her glance up to Jack's face with a look on her face that says, "This bitch," but Jack is way too happy right now to notice. He walks off with Amily like a third-grader with his first girlfriend. Emanda just looks off in the distance, holding back tears.

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