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Emanda and Amily (formerly Stripper Emily) speed down a country road in Emanda's Lexus late at night. Emanda voice-over: "There's an old saying about those who cannot remember the past being condemned to repeat it. But those of us who refuse to forget the past are condemned to relive it."Amily defends her decision to murder Frank because she senses Emanda is mad at her, and also probably because Emanda scolds her for not handling the situation in a way other than killing the guy. Amily is no slouch, though. She weathers the admonishment and shoots back that she was expecting gratitude from Emanda. FLASHBACK: Another brawl between teenage Amanda and Emily. This time it's in the correctional facility's cafeteria and in front of a crowd of cheering peers. Amanda decidedly wins again, but this time Emily has learned enough to taunt her for fighting dirty like Amanda's father probably would. /FLASHBACK. Emanda suddenly softens up and apologizes to Amily, thanking her for trying to look out for her.

It's now morning and Emanda is banging on Nolan's front door. Big Ed is on duty to protect his frail millionaire, but Nolan comes downstairs in his silk robe to wave him off. To what does he owe the pleasure of a morning visit from the revengess herself? Before Emanda can rudely dump her problem on Nolan as per usual, Amily even more rudely makes herself at home. Emanda tells Nolan to watch over the stripper and leaves. Most lonely guys would not be annoyed by this, but Nolan is about a three on the Kinsey scale.

We're close up on Lydia's eyes having a flashlight aimed at them as she sits up in her hospital bed. She's awake and coherent as Conrad stands by. Victoria walks in and almost immediately asks if Lydia knows who she is. Lydia does, but has no memory of what's happened or why any of them would be there. The Graysons follow the attending doctor out of the room and start mining her for information. Is there a possibility Lydia's memory could come back fully? The doctor suggests it is indeed possible, especially if they surround Lydia with their friendship. This doctor doesn't seem to know that being friends with the Graysons would drive anyone to do anything they could to erase their memory. Conrad suggests to Victoria when the doctor has left them alone that they get their story straight about why Frank attacked Lydia.

At Poor Porter Bar, Charlotte has woken up panicked because she forgot to make up a lie for her parents to cover up her overnight stay with Declan. She has no time for the breakfast in bed Dec made for her and hurries down the stairs past Jack. He awkwardly tries to breach the topic with Dec, who brazenly admits he slept with her... literal sleep. Jack starts being the guardian and warns that he needs to be careful, like, safe-sex careful. It's a normal enough concern, but in this case it's even more important because of the power her family would have in the event of an accidental pregnancy or whatever. Jack steps down from his soapbox and tells his little brother to carry on. They crack small smiles at each other

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