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Victoria runs into Conrad at Grayson Manor, which I suppose would be kind of startling when you own a giant mansion. Say it with me: I hate rich people. Conrad was told by the police that Frank is dead and he relays this to his wife. The news shakes Victoria. Conrad probably doesn't help his wife's grief by adding that Frank was found in a ditch and they'll be cutting him open for the autopsy today. Always leave ditches and autopsies out of death news. Victoria is understandably freaked out, but Conrad actually sees the silver lining in all of this. Their secrets died with Frank. That's pretty pragmatic, man.

Amily has Jack completely enthralled at the little portable bar poolside at Nolan's. They're talking shop about bartending as she pours a couple of drinks into martini glasses. She calls her drink the "Black Dahlia." That's not foreboding at all. Jack's definitely impressed. He thinks the drink would go over really well with his new clientele at the Stowaway. Emanda enters the scene shocked to see Jack and Amily hitting it off. Jack is a bit startled, as any guy would be, to inexplicably see his crush while he flirts with someone new. He starts excusing himself from Amily and realizes he never asked for her name. Amily: "Probably for the best." Heh. There's an awkward moment between Jack and Emanda before he leaves. Amily's decidedly impressed with "the famous Jack Porter," who Emanda apparently told her stories about while they were in juvie together. Emanda tries asserting herself about this not being a game, but Amily reminds her she doesn't like being told what to do. Get ready to get usurped!


Emanda types away at her laptop with Amily pensively hovering. She's trying to set up Amily with a new life so she'll never have to use "Amanda Clarke" as her alias again. She'll have a filled bank account and can stay at Emanda's apartment in Paris until they figure out where to go from there. Essentially, she'll be free and clear of everything that came with switching identities with Emanda. "But I like being Amanda Clarke," Amily admits. She hunches over Emanda's computer chair and longingly reaches to brush her fingertips through her namesake's hair. Creeeeeeper. She wants to know why Emanda wants to ship her off. Emanda just chalks it up to it not being safe for Amily there. They admit to each other that they're the closest thing they've ever had to sisterhood. FLASHBACK: Warden Stiles lectures young Amanda after the cafeteria fight with Emily. Amanda thinks she's got nothing to lose because her name will always be tied to David's horrific terrorism. The warden thinks Amanda's smart and that Emily is only looking for a friend. There are more efficient ways to defeat your enemies than violence, she advises. She suggests to Amanda that she gain Emily's trust and use it to get Emily working for her instead of against her. She asks with a smile if Amanda gets her meaning. /FLASHBACK.

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