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Grayson Manor. Victoria unpacks Lydia's things and comes across Lydia's hand bag from the night she was attacked. She opens it and pulls out a folded piece of paper as she turns to quiz Lydia about her memory. Lydia has no problem remembering long-term things like their overall friendship, but can't remember the last few weeks. Victoria asks if she remembers her affair with Conrad being uncovered. Lydia appears to be laboring emotionally and doesn't get to answer before Victoria hands her the speech Lydia had written to expose the Graysons at the Open Arms benefit that night. Lydia reads it aloud like it's new to her. She has no idea why she would write something like that. Victoria reassures her that she didn't go through with it and that's what's important.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Emanda finds Ashley moving heavy boxes of Lydia's things. She's completely disgruntled and embarrassed by her job and takes a swipe at Emanda when she obliviously says she thought this was Ashley's dream job. Ashley tells Emanda she doesn't expect her to understand and walks off in a huff, lugging a giant box. Emanda pulls out the Photoshopped picture from her purse and sneaks it into one of the boxes. She carries it into Lydia's guest bedroom and is all cheer and well wishes. Lydia is completely distraught at the sight of Emanda's semi-familiar face, and when she exits the room she turns to Victoria and immediately remembers the photograph with Emanda in it. She tells Victoria that if she can get her that photo she can prove that Emanda knew them years before they came to know her. Victoria is intrigued.

Pool house. Tyler walks in on Ashley pouring herself a glass of vodka. She starts lamenting Victoria before Tyler can even ask what's wrong. It turns into a pity party with Tyler adding his feelings of being snubbed upon Daniel's return to his rightful family business. Tyler suggest to Ashley that Emanda is actually the worst of all the snooty aristocrats because she hides her intentions behind her condescending smile. Ashley seems intrigued. They toast to realizing they've been playing too nice thus far.

Nolan sits in his dimly lit Fortress of Solitude in contemplation. Big Ed sees news of Frank being dead on his iPad and brings it over to Nolan. The news shocks him. He sits back and thinks for a minute and has a sudden realization. Meanwhile, Conrad and Victoria are also discussing Frank's death at Grayson Manor. According to the police, Frank's death is being considered a robbery carjacking, but this doesn't add up as far as Victoria is concerned. She reveals to Conrad Frank's last words to her about Emanda not being who she claims to be. Conrad thinks she's just being paranoid, but it doesn't deter her from picking up the phone and dialing the police, presumably with a tip about Emanda.

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