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Back at the Fortress of Solitude, Nolan steps outside to the pool where Amily is sitting by herself, Big Ed trailing close behind. Nolan calls out that he wants to play "20 Questions." Amily can sense what's coming. First question: Who is Frank? Amily plays dumb, so Nolan gives her a hint -- Frank's dead. Nolan points out the blood on her clothes and then carefully pulls out an open wallet with Frank's driver's license displayed in it. Nolan turns to Amily and asks with contempt, "Who the hell are you?"


Nolan bangs on Emanda's door. He has Amily with him and he's pissed that he's been unwittingly housing a murderer. What are they going to do when the cops come around? Emanda already has it all figured out. She has an alibi for herself and a plane ticket for Amily leaving to Paris tonight. All that's left is for Nolan to delete all the data off Frank's cell phone. Nolan will do it, but Nolan won't like it. He leaves. Amily gets emotional as soon as she sees the plane ticket, seemingly because this is all happening so fast. The passport Emanda gave her has a new identity for Amily -- Kara Wilkins -- which she questions since she's so fond of being Amanda Clarke. Emanda explains that Kara Wilkins was her mother's name, and she thought it appropriate. Amily is crying, but not at the beauty of this gesture, most likely out of sentimentality for the alias to which she's grown attached and terror at the thought of leaving the country for the first time. She asks Emanda to come with her, sounding like a child, but Emanda just says she wishes she could and hugs her with a look of slight annoyance on her face resting on Amily's shoulder.

Charlotte comes down to Conrad's office at Grayson Manor to say goodnight before going out. He stops her so he can tell her about the trouble between him and Victoria. Charlotte's biggest concern is being left alone with her mother for a long period of time while Conrad is out in the dog house. She thinks she really won't be able to handle it. Conrad tells her she can handle anything because she's a Grayson.

In the shortest scene ever, Lydia and Victoria look over the photo which has been altered to make Emanda's face fat and unrecognizable. Lydia swears she saw Emanda before, and asks Victoria if she's losing her mind. Victoria gives her friend a look to say, "Damn, girl, why you askin' me?"

Poor Porter Bar. Dec is upstairs fretting to Jack because Charlotte is thirty minutes late for their date. Jack apologizes for not getting the boat from Nolan, but hey, Dec has the night off, at least. (What a nice older brother/boss/guardian.) Charlotte finally appears and Jack excuses himself. It's obvious the night isn't going to go as Declan planned. Charlotte is still upset from her talk with her father and wants to just sit and talk with Dec. The condom in Declan's wallet lets out a frustrated groan.

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