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Crashing the Stock Party.
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We begin twelve weeks earlier. Twelve weeks earlier than what, I do not know. All of the Hamptons has made it out to a polo match in which Daniel Grayson is competing. Emanda has come out to spy and make herself visible to Daniel, as well. She's found by Party Planner Ashley, who takes notice of Emanda's fixation and recent flirtation with Daniel. In an odd television conceit that wouldn't ever happen in real life, Ashley decides to take Emanda into the VIP tent and give her a quiz on whether she remembers all the Hamptons people she's recently met. I guess it's a nice thing to do for people who missed the first episode. The only person included in the quiz we've yet to meet is Bill Harmon, a big-time stock trader currently engaged in conversation with Nolan. There's yet another weird, slow-motion eye-lock with Queen Victoria for Emanda. Could it be that Victoria's machinations are simply because she longs to be noticed by a pretty girl? Ashley walks off to throw her supposedly charming British accent in someone else's face and leaves Emanda to focus on a pair of red dice Mr. Harmon plays with in his hand. FLASHBACK: Little Amanda is greeted by "Uncle Bill" on her birthday before her father hands over the puppy that will become Sammy, complete with a big red bow. The moment is short-lived because Bill takes David aside for an important talk having to do with "Grayson." /FLASHBACK. The Graysons have come over to speak with Bill. Emanda stares in their direction with a look on her face that says, "I am a ruiner and you are a ruinee."

At The Poor Porter Bar, Jack's trying to get Dec off his lazy, teenage ass to get some work done, but he's busy texting away flirtations to Charlotte Grayson. Carl gets a distressing phone call and tells Jack to close the bar after lunchtime and take inventory of everything. Jack asks what's up, but Dad Porter is tight-lipped. Dec is all happy-teenager about getting to go home early, completely missing the subtext of what's happening right in front of him. He's so oblivious he asks Jack to borrow his boat and invites Charlotte out for a ride without consent from his brother. But don't be too hard on Declan; I borrowed my brother's boat without his permission when I was a teenager all the time.

Charlotte gets the invitation text from Dec as her brute of a trust fund boyfriend hovers over her shoulder and asks who she's talking to. Women need air, Trust Fund Boyfriend. He is concerned because he thought he and Char have all the same friends. Suff-o-cation. Charlotte gives a brief speech about wanting something different. Trust Fund Boyfriend: "I can do different. I love different." They return to the polo match. While I have no concept of how polo is played, it's quite obvious Daniel is sucking in his match. Mom and Dad Grayson watch on in quiet horror/embarrassment. Bill is sitting with the couple and offers to make a wager with Conrad on the outcome of his son's match. It sticks in Conrad's craw enough for him to throw out as a response the fact he fired Bill 18 years ago. Bill jokes that the arrangement worked out really well for the both of them. Emanda interrupts to say hello to the Graysons and slither her way into an introduction with Bill by offering to take him up on his asshole bet. She's introduced by Conrad as the girl next door, but Victoria quickly swoops in to correct that it won't be for much longer now that Lydia's house is up for sale and there have been some offers already. Emanda corrects Victoria with the real estate version of a bitch slap -- one of those offers is Emanda's. Bill is impressed with Emanda's confidence and financial wits. Their conversation is interrupted by Conrad's phone going off with a phone call from Lydia, which he ignores. Victoria takes notice of the name on his screen and excuses herself.

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