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Crashing the Stock Party.

In the VIP tent, Nolan bumps into Ashley briefly and she's in no mood to put up with his awkwardness. She excuses herself. Luckily, his loneliness is assuaged by a phone call from Jack to remind him about their boat deal. This is small potatoes for Nolan, so he's really lax about it all, but Jack is desperate after the phone call his dad received today and wants the money immediately. Nolan's like, "Sure, whatever," and hangs up. He looks up to notice Emanda wave to him so that Bill can see that she knows him. Nolan is taken aback by the oddness of the gesture and continues to awkwardly make his way around the VIP tent while Bill asks Emanda about her acquaintance with Nolan. She deftly turns the conversation into one about money, more specifically her own money, which draws Bill's interest like a shark to chum. He gives her his card and invites her to schedule lunch when she's ready to get back into investing in the market. FLASHBACK: Again with the newsreel footage on her laptop, Emanda watches a clip about Bill Harmon testifying in court against her father. /FLASHBACK. Emanda stares daggers into Bill's back as he walks off.

Ominously zooming 3-D Revenge title card.

Emanda finds Daniel tending to his horse during halftime of his polo match. She claims to be impressed despite Daniel sucking so much I'm sure his nickname on the field must be "Dyson" Daniel. She offers some common ground about horses by saying she was captain of her equestrian club in college. Daniel asks Emanda out on a date, and she says she'll go if he wins his match. Daniel's brain: "Shit shit shit shit shit."

A man named Frank finds Victoria lounging on some indoor furniture that's set up outdoors away from the polo match. He's the spy she contacted to dig up dirt about Emanda's alias, "Emily Throne." He says Emily's squeaky clean and asks why Victoria's so interested in this girl. She's interested because this girl is interested in Daniel. It turns out Frank was the guy who cleaned up Daniel's mess when he got in that drunk driving accident and injured his girlfriend at the time, so the guy is completely no-nonsense. He advises Victoria to just ask Emily about herself in a way that sounds more like Edward Norton in Fight Club saying, "Or maybe you shouldn't bring me every little piece of trash you find." Queen Victoria, always looking to assert her dominance, turns the conversation to questioning whether Frank knew about Conrad's affair with Lydia. Of course he knew, he says; he's head of Conrad's security. But he assures Victoria of his loyalty by reminding her that his job is to keep secrets and she, of all people, should appreciate that. That's smooth, Frank.

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