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Crashing the Stock Party.

Daniel is suddenly a polo badass. If there were any justice in the universe, Huey Lewis' "The Power of Love" would be playing over Daniel's polo resurgence. He scores a... goal? Are they "goals" in polo? In any case, he scores and whoops it up. Yeah!

Nolan is at Jack's boat, admiring Jack's meticulous restoration of it. Now that Nolan's the owner he hopes he can get an answer out of Jack about why it's named "Amanda." Jack dodges the question and says it was some girl he used to know. Jack's ready to just send Nolan off into the deep ocean when Nolan reveals he still needs someone to teach him how to sail. There's practically a double-take from Jack here when he finds out he's about to let Nolan cast off without knowing how to keep the boat from ending up on the bottom of the ocean. Nolan hopes Jack will be his sailing instructor, but Nolan actually is more hopeful to just have someone to hang out with this summer. He thinks Jack could be the Skipper to his Gilligan. Jack agrees to this just to keep the boat at the bottom of the ocean scenario from becoming reality. Neat detail here: Everclear's "Santa Monica" can be heard in the background of this whole scene. You know... if you like Everclear, I guess.

Poor Porter Bar. Dec is by himself closing up for the evening when Charlotte shows up with a bunch of friends, including Trust Fund Boyfriend, Adam, who immediately starts posturing against Dec. He dickishly grabs a liquor bottle to test Dec's power over what happens in the bar. Dec calls the bluff with a bluff of his own that it's OK since he practically runs the bar before he roughly shoves a cooler full of Charlotte's favorite drink into Adam's chest. Dec leads everyone out to the docks and realizes Jack's boat is gone. He tries calling Jack, but gets no answer. Trust Fund Adam snickers, "What a joke," and calls for his cronies and Charlotte to follow his lead out of there. Charlotte meekly apologizes to Dec and follows. Poor loser Declan. You know what it is? It's the name, Declan. The name!

At Casa Emily, Emanda opens the infinity x infinity wooden box. She studies a photo of her, her father and Bill Harmon on her 9th birthday -- the day of the earlier flashback. Her father's journal voiceover: "The worst betrayals always come from the ones we trust the most. If I'm at all culpable for what happened to us, it's because I gave away my trust too easily." FLASHBACK: Little Amanda opens her eyes from sleep to see Bill's red dice being twisted in his hand. She pretends to sleep as he talks candidly with her father. He reveals to us that David is involved with Victoria. He also tells David he had a mole on the board of directors of a company involved in a recent major merger from which he profited. He could go to jail if the SEC found out about the insider information he had, David warns him. Conrad found out and seized Bill's database, wanting to cut a deal. /FLASHBACK. Emanda goes back to her laptop newsreel. Harmon testifies David was the one using insider info to make illegal trades and laundering money to the terrorist organization. Suddenly, the phone rings, bringing Emanda back to reality -- where people aren't always testifying in open court against her father . It's Victoria. Emanda peers out through her window blinds at Victoria's little silhouette on her second-floor balcony inviting Emanda over to Grayson Manor tomorrow for tea. Queen Victoria stares back at Emanda's little figure in the window as she accepts the invitation and they hang up. We linger on Victoria's diabolically satisfied stone Botox face.

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