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Crashing the Stock Party.

Frank places a phone call to Victoria. He's found an anomaly in Emily Thorne's past. Between the ages of 16 and 18 it's like she didn't exist. All information one would normally find about a person is sealed by the courts. Victoria orders Frank to start following Emanda and watching everything she does. The Queen watches Emanda from her balcony as Daniel makes his way out to her porch and recites Oliver Wendell Holmes' quote, "Where we love is home -- home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." Emanda is cultured enough to recognize it instantly. Agnes Obel's "Avenue" begins playing and plays through the remainder of the episode. Daniel kisses Emanda. Daniel simply says good night and leaves. Emanda -- satisfied -- looks up to verify Queen Victoria's silhouette saw the whole thing from the balcony.

Later that night, Emanda sits alone at home. Emanda voice-over: "Trust is a difficult thing, whether it's finding the right people to trust or trusting the right people will do the wrong thing." She pulls out the photo of her 9th birthday and stares at it. FLASHBACK: Emanda sits at Bill Harmon's computer with latex gloves on. She has Bill's employee keycard and is logging into his computer with the credentials she watched for when he showed off his investors' statistics. She prints out the confidential list of those investors. /FLASHBACK. Emanda marks a big, red "X" on Bill's face in the birthday photo. She puts the photo down and picks up the photo of her and Jack with Sammy as children. This cuts montage-style into Jack coming home to the bar to find his father unconscious on the floor. He yells for Dec who comes running downstairs, panicked. Jack screams for Dec to call 9-1-1. Cut to Conrad Grayson entering his bedroom and slinking into bed beside Victoria who is vigilant and wide awake, facing away from him. Emanda VO: "But trusting your heart is the riskiest thing of all." FLASHBACK: Little Amanda is awoken from sleep on her couch by a late night rendezvous between Victoria and David just outside. Amanda watches through the window. Victoria's eagerness is met by David's panic that Bill Harmon knows about them and is probably going to tell Conrad. "I trusted the wrong person," he tells Victoria. Sammy startles them from inside, but when they turn to look Amanda's way through the window she pretends to still be asleep. /FLASHBACK. Emanda lights a single candle on a cupcake as she sits alone at her kitchen table. Emanda VO: "In the end, the only person we can truly trust is ourselves." She blows out the candle and stoically stares straight ahead. "Happy birthday, Amanda."

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