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Natural Election
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Buckle in, guys. It's going to be a long one. New York City remains shrouded in its blackout from Carrion. We observe the silence and darkness through multiple pans across the city that fade cut into each other. Emanda voice-over: "Darkness scares us. We yearn for the comfort of light as it provides shape and form, allowing us to recognize... to define what's before us. But what is it we're afraid of, really? Not the darkness itself, but the truth we know hides within." Still at Nolcorp, Ems, Nolan and Aiden look down on the city from the skyscraper's windows with police sirens going off in the distance. Nolan explains that it's not just a power blackout. Carrion wiped out all automated systems, including internet and cellular networks. The only idea Aiden can come up with is radio, but Nolan doesn't happen to have a survival kit around anywhere because his apocalypse plan started with and ended with "Call Emily."

Almost as quickly as Nolan has succumbed to fatalism, he has an epiphany. NolSat, which I assume is Nolan's own personal satellite (of course he has one), is solar powered. He can establish a connection if he can just find a laptop somewhere around the office. Nolan goes off to look for one while Ems wonders aloud what the Initiative could be up to. They're up to being assholes, Ems. We're all missing Game of Thrones!

We tilt down from outside the windows of Nolcrop to an overhead shot of the street below, where people are scrambling in the darkness with flashlights in a panic. Daniel leads Charlotte out of the building where they were having dinner and out into the madness of the streets. Everything looks like the stereotypical apocalypse. Traffic is backed up. People are running around like they don't just have to go find ice and a cooler to store all their fridge items for the night. Dan figures they should walk to Conrad's campaign headquarters because traffic is going to be ridiculous anyway. That doesn't sound good to Charlotte at all, but that's what the apocalypse is, Charlie -- 15 blocks in heels. She begs Daniel not to tell mom and dad about her being pregnant, but he just laughs off the idea. Why would he want to be a part of that conversation? That's just as well for Charlotte because she isn't even sure what she's going to do about the baby. This stops Daniel in his tracks. He intensely imparts some older brother wisdom. "Listen to me. You're going to tell Declan and you're going to figure it out together." Way to not pontificate, brah.

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