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Something Borrowed, Something Black & Blue

Grayson Manor. Daniel walks through the parlor on the phone with Helen, having an animated conversation. The Initiative wants Grayson Global to pull money from European markets and invest it in Algiers, Bahrain and Tunisia. They're volatile markets with unregulated banking systems. Dan doesn't like that. What a frontrunner. Take some risks, Daniel! Helen says the Initiative is comfortable with short-term losses and talks Dan into making the deals on the premise that they are investing in emerging governments that need new infrastructures. Victoria overhears this conversation. FLASHBACK: David Clarke intensely claims through a prison phone that he's been set up to look like he funded terrorist groups in Libya and Angola. Victoria tells him she can't believe him in the face of all the evidence. She fights back tears as she tells him she's sorry she can't do anything for him and asks that he not call her again. /FLASHBACK. The harsh memory brings tears to the Queen's eyes.

It's midday at the Stowaway and no one's around except for Amily, who's doing wedding preparations or something. Jack comes in and smooches on her because he has the gift of a romantic getaway to... Nantucket (?!) planned. They'll hop in The Amanda and sail to this spot, hoping that they do not run into that very famous man from limericks of old. Amily takes this opportunity of loving feelings to whip out the check from Emanda, saying it's her own gift back to him. Jack's not onboard at first, but Amily makes the good point that it's better to be in debt to a friend than to an enemy. Then, she reminds him that he almost lost her the last time she got close to the Graysons. Now's their opportunity to get rid of them forever with Emanda's help.

Victoria bursts into Conrad's study where he and Ashley are surprisingly fully clothed and doing what seems like actual work. Seeing his wife is in one of her moods, Conrad asks Ash to give them some privacy. Victoria doesn't hesitate to launch into demands for documentation of transactions Grayson Global made around the time of David Clarke's framing. Conrad asks for an explanation and gets brought up to speed on Daniel's conversation with Helen. Their hand has been forced. They need to present Daniel with hard evidence of what awaits him if he complies with Helen.

Somehow, Emanda has managed to arrive at the abandoned warehouse just behind Aiden. He's searching around for clues with a little flashlight while Ems asks what he hopes to find. Aiden doesn't really want any resistance right now. He's reaching for anything. The electricity meter from the video is there and so is the cot where Colleen presumably died. It's the closest Aiden has been to her since he was 12, he says. Emanda's phone rings with a call from Nolan. Before she answers, she tells Aiden that Nolan has been searching through coroner records from 2007. When she answers, Nolan tells her he has bad news. Ems closes her eyes to brace for what she already knows is coming.

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