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Something Borrowed, Something Black & Blue


Grayson Manor. A maid informs Conrad and Ashley that Jack is there to see them. He politely walks up to Conrad and hands him the cashier's check for the debt, plus interest. Conrad politely declines it, which Jack doesn't understand. The deal was that he'd regain full ownership of the bar after repayment of the debt. Ash says the deal has changed, prompting Conrad to invite Jack to look over some sketches of the developments he has planned for Montauk. Jack's getting angry. He reminds Conrad he still owns half his bar. This doesn't faze Conrad at all. He puts his arm around Jack and starts walking him out of the house, condescendingly explaining that an assumption clause at the bank will eventually lead to Conrad absorbing Jack's debt and owning the bar outright. Jack erupts, "Let me educate you about a few things. You either accept my very generous offer, or I will fight you every step of the way. I will drag you through court. I will get every quaint blue-collar buddy of mine to block every bulldozer you throw at that water front, and I swear to God... I will make you wish you never heard the word 'Montauk.'" Wow, Jack... wow. Again, Conrad remains unfazed. He says he'll show Jack what a man of means is capable of. You guys, this is shaping up to be kind of a cool showdown.

Down at the police station, Emanda and Aiden wait for the coroner to pull Colleen's file. Ems gets a call from Daniel, and Aiden encourages her to answer it since he's still useful for getting at the Initiative. She puts him on speakerphone so Aiden can listen in. Dan apologizes for being distant since Emanda's confession, and says he appreciated her honesty. So much for being useful.

Back at the bar, Jack is livid telling Declan what happened with Conrad. Dec insists that they fight, but Jack's certain they'll just waste their effort and lose. Amily stops in the doorway from the backroom and starts listening in. Even if they're destined to lose, Jack thinks he can at least give Amily one happy wedding day still. Ams contemplates what needs to be done.

Back at the police station, Aiden and Ems finally get handed over the coroner's file. They open it up and Aiden confirms that it's Colleen. He gives Ems a little passive aggressive, "You were right," and walks off. What's that shit all about, Aiden? She didn't kill your sister. I want Emanda to have a new boyfriend, but you can't just, like, tell her that, you know?

Padma has been summoned to Nolan's office at Nolcorp. She's tense, but cold, knowing that Nolan has been avoiding her. He admits that he has been doing just that because he thinks she's certainly not stupid. Nolan beats around the issue a little bit, revealing he knows that she's after something besides his money. He then suddenly brings up Padma's father, who suspiciously dropped off from her work e-mail correspondence a month ago. Padma's shocked that Nolan's been spying on her. Nolan: "Hey, careful who you're calling black, little kettle." It's time for one last ditch effort. Nolan tells Padma that he's going against his better judgment in giving her this opportunity to tell him one last time what happened to her father because his feelings for her are strong and illogical. Padma cracks. She turns and grabs a post-it note while inflecting her voice to sound like she isn't ready to burst into tears. She says everything's fine for the room as she hands Nolan a note that says, "Not here." Padma meets Nolan's confused gaze with determination.

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