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Something Borrowed, Something Black & Blue

Amily enters the back door of Casa Emily and calls out for Emanda. She's not around. Seriously, Ems -- get ADT or something. Or maybe lock your door once in a while. Ams heads straight for the secret stairs compartment she saw Emanda close earlier and grabs the surveillance laptop. It's password protected. Surely, Ems has a password like "489310/JaCk375r02!nf!n!ty" right? Nope. Just "infinity", which Amily easily guesses after noting the infinity X infinity box in the compartment. Just like that, Ams gains access to all of the saved surveillance videos, otherwise known as ALL OF EMANDA'S LEVERAGE/LIFE. Cut to Amily plopping the laptop down on Conrad's desk. She demands that he accept Jack's offer one more time. When he refuses, Ams opens up the laptop and plays a random video. It's the video of Gordon being told by Victoria that she knows David Clarke's deepest secret. Conrad is stunned. Incredulously, he turns to Amily and says, "So, it has been you all this time." Amily: "I haven't even begun to make you and your family suffer for what they've done." She shuts the laptop and orders Conrad to go down to the Stowaway and give back full ownership of the bar to Jack. "And after you've apologized and wished him well, you never, ever utter the name Porter again, or I promise I will take a wrecking ball to every bit of this pathetic excuse for a life you've chosen." These Porters sure know how to get in Conrad's face. Amily takes her laptop and storms out, leaving Conrad in a state of shock. He picks up his phone and dials Nate. He leaves a voicemail, saying the plan has met a snag and they need to meet down at the harbor.


Aiden's quest has led him to a shabby cemetery on an overcast day. Ems tries her best to console him, but there's nothing she can say that will make him feel like he has any reason to continue on, so she tries to be practical. They need to approach this all with a level head, she says. Aiden snaps back that he can't just turn his emotions off like she can. Cue Emanda's emotions. She can't believe Aiden would accuse her of that when the whole reason for this crusade is that she has to live with the pain every day of facing what was taken away from her, and fighting when everything's already been lost. Ems thought they shared that. Aiden starts to walk off, which gets the most pitiful, "Don't go," out of Emanda. She's completely drained emotionally already. Aiden walking out of her life is that thing that happens when you've already been devastated and can't muster any more tears. He turns and leaves.

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