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Something Borrowed, Something Black & Blue

Conrad finishes signing over the ownership to the Stowaway. He spins a story about the coastal commission threatening to keep him in the courts for years over his plans. Rather than get into more details, he just asks that Jack thank him and he can leave the bar forever. Jack suggests Conrad just leave, which he does, throwing Amily a harsh glance as he walks out.

Padma and Nolan walk down a business district sidewalk together, Padma in mid-story. A month ago her father went missing after going on a business trip. Padma received a phone call from Helen shortly after, saying her father would be safe if she did what was asked of her. The first step was for her to get close to Nolan. Next, she needed to acquire Carrion, but she doesn't know how the Initiative knew about it or what it does. Nolan says it's a program so dangerous that a lot of people would be "wishing [he] never took 4th grade intro to computers." Come on, Nolan. You learned computers way younger than that. Even I did. Nolan reveals he set up Padma to steal an incomplete program, simultaneously revealing he knew all along. She feels the need here to be adamant that her feelings for Nolan were always real. Nolan needs to think. Before he can walk off, Padma grabs him by the arm to ask if he needs to think about whether he's going to help her or whether he wants to leave her. Both?

Late night at the Grayson Global office. Daniel has a heated phone exchange with whoever is supposed to be executing the deals Helen wants. He hangs up in disgust as his mother enters, telling him he will live (or die) to regret going through with those transactions. She hands over some documents as she details Helen Crowley's role in getting their family involved in bringing down Flight 197. Dan asks why Victoria didn't say something before, which gets the explanation of Helen's threat on Daniel's life. Victoria orders her son to stay the course while she and Conrad prepare evidence they've gathered that can neutralize the Initiative. Naturally, Helen is watching her surveillance feed of this conversation -- even as she receives a phone call from someone else in the Initiative who wants to make sure she's watching. Very good surveillance work those Initiative guys do.


Out on the beach behind Casa Emily is where Jack and Amily have chosen to be wed. While that choice may be cliché, having Nolan as the minister is pretty inspired -- mostly because he's wearing a cream-colored blazer with henna patterns all over it. He must've got that fabric at my mom's garage sale last summer that was heavy on curtains. No matter. Nolan begins the ceremony and pauses briefly to throw a glance to Ems to verify it's OK that he proceed and refer to Amily as "Amanda Clarke." FLASHBACK: That make-believe wedding Amanda was planning as a little girl? It turned into a full-on pretend wedding down on the beach with her dad and young jack in a big, goofy bowtie. /FLASHBACK Emanda is snapped out of her memory by Nolan asking for the rings. She hands over the ring box to Amily, who opens it to find the pipe cleaner ring stuffed in there with the real ring. Ams is confused, but Jack instantly recognizes it. He tells the story of their childhood wedding and how Little Amanda was adamant about him wearing a bowtie. He pulls out his handkerchief from his suit pocket, which is the bowtie. Seriously? The only way this wedding could be any more knife-twisting for Ems at this point would be if Amily actually pulled a knife from her off-white dress and stabbed Emanda directly through her sternum and into her emaciated heart. Jack: "What I remember... is a feeling I didn't have a word for yet. When I was old enough to recognize it as love, you were gone, but that feeling stayed with me. You were always in my heart." Nolan glances over at Ems to make sure she's keeping it together and to her credit she hasn't gritted her teeth down to shards of enamel. Oddly enough, it's Amily's speech about everyone deserving love that sends Ems over the edge. Tears begin rolling down her cheeks and she has to look away. It may or may not be fortuitous that Aiden appears in her line of sight as she's breaking down. She throws a smile his way. Nolan finishes up the ceremony, allowing Jack to kiss the stripper bride. Emanda seems to be somewhat at peace with this now.Nate's in mid-hissy fit out at the harbor with Conrad, who is being very mum about the whole situation. He'll only say that someone holds leverage over him. When Nate asks what would happen if he could "remove" that leverage, Conrad merely says that's purely hypothetical and they never had this conversation. He gets in his car and leaves the goon to think of goon things to do

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